Full Potential Achievement in Darksiders 2

  • Full Potential



    Unlock All Combat Moves & Upgrades

  • How to unlock Full Potential

    These can be purchased through trainers. There are only 2 in the game, and Thane which is the first trainer you meet, does not have all skills and upgrades. Once you progress to the Eternal Throne, you will be able to purchase all moves and upgrades through the ghostly skeleton named Draven. He has all of Thane's list as well as the rest. There are a total of 21 skills and the total amount of your cost for all of them will be exactly 150,000 Gilt.

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  • I cant wait to see how the combat moves are looking.
  • I've bought all combat moves, just don't quite understand what upgrades are.
  • I also dont know why they said upgrades. Just bought all the combat moves in the training arenas and the achieve unlocked for me.
  • You will get this at the Eternal Throne, you need to buy all of the moves from Thane [Forge Lands] and Draven [Kingdom of the dead.] Thane also has upgrades you need to buy for the moves that your secondary weapons do when you hold down Y [those are the upgrades mentioned] each costing 10,000 souls.
  • I still don't get the 'timed' aspect of the upgraded moves. I hold the button down, soon the hammer (or whatever) goes down too. I don't notice a 'sweet spot' indicator that says I should release earlier...
  • just need to buy all from the eternal throne trainer to get this
  • Doesn't work. I bought all upgrades from Draven and didn't unlock the achievement. Looks like Thane's upgrades must be bought first, and then - the rest from Draven (even if he has all of them, achievements seems to be glitched somehow).
  • The "advanced" combat moves are either ineffective or superfluous. The only reason to buy them is this achievement. Just mash X and occasionally Y and the enemies eventually die.

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