Feeding Time Achievement in Darksiders 2

  • Feeding Time



    Level Up Your 1st Possessed Weapon

  • How to unlock Feeding Time

    You must first find a possessed weapon. These are rare drops from enemies or chests that are highlighted red when on the ground. In your inventory they actually are called "possessed". Pick your first one up and the game will tell you about that type of weapon. Go into your menu and press  on the possessed weapon to bring up a new menu. You can now sacrifice your other equipment in order to level up your possessed one. Get it one level to gain the achievement.

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  • there are certain weapons that when you click on them there's an extra option after equip, it's upgrade go to this sub menu then just keep sacrificing weapons. note sacrificing a weapon deletes it. a good way to do this is looting everything you come across. the lvl and quality of the weapon determines how much xp your getting for the weapon. nice feature
  • These are by far the greatest weapons for the higher difficulties since each level gained on the weapon grants a special stat bonus. Gaining health for each hit easily outweighs raw damage since your scythes can attack so fast. They seem to drop rarely as you level up and I am clueless as to what rank these are classified as. Best to level up the first one you find lest you never find another (perhaps just bad luck on my end for not getting anymore).
  • on an average normal run i can run into 3-5 and on apocalyptic ill get a few more since a higher difficulty gives you a better chance for rarer items
  • Found 2 possessed hammers in a row in the gilded arena, playing on apocalyptic. Was at Level 14 at the time.
  • Does anyone else think that the legendary items were underpowered junk by the time you found them? Possessed and even most regular magic gear was always better.

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