Godlike Achievement

  • Godlike



    Finish Arcade Mode in Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3 without losing.

  • Freaking hard to do. And from what I've seen in the menu there is no option to change the difficulty. I almost had this one but I lost a round to that darn Morrigan!!!!
  • Nevermind. Did it. Hard to do. And then after I did it I found out you CAN lower the difficulty. But it has to be at the title screen. For both games.
  • ***I can confirm the achievement will not be unlocked if you try to input a second controler and go into arcade vs mode if your about to lose.*** Darkstalkers 3 is very easy to do in one continue especialy if your very good with mah my main J.Talbain. Night Warriors is much harder and longer so brace yourself a bit. I don't know if useing Sasquatch, Anakaris, Victor will make it easier as I see quite alot of people use them online. But whatever you shouldn't have too much trouble with this achievement guys/girls.
  • I also think this achievement won't unlock if you lose a single round. Sort of like that stupid "Perfect World Warrior" Achievement in SF2.
  • Okay I've been playing the arcade mode repeatedly and still no achievement. Fucking glitched achievement, yet I still have it under rewards.
  • Okay for people who are strugleing to beat night warriors you MUST BEAT IT WITHOUT LOSEING A SINGLE ROUND. Go to settings and set rounds to 1.
  • Yes, set it to one round and also the highest damage if you want to go through it even faster. Do the high damage at your own risk, they can kill you just as quickly and you don't want to lose that one round right at the end to Pyron/Jedah.
  • Odd that Pyron and Jedah are very easy to defeat. Jedah has horrible projectile range and if he gets hit by anything. His projectiles dissapear also he tends to start most attacks up close so use a easy anti-air listed below. Pyron is no trouble, don't let his fireballs scare you they have poor hit detection for me. Also when he teleports he always shows up above me so Anti-air that. Rikuo's simple anti-air. Fierce (Heavy Punch) Jon Talbain's simple anti-air. Crouching Fierce (Crouch Heavy Punch) Most characters I know require a, Shoryuken input anti air. Hope this helps anyone who wants to do Anti-Airs the lazy way lol. :p

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