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  • Sharing Secrets



    Complete the second tier of the award "Learn Together".

  • After looking over the entire list i'd say it looks alot like SF:3rd Strikes. Not a good thing, but there are worse. That and there are no multiplayer cheevs (or at least it looks like there aren't) so I and many others are thankful for that.
  • @2 There is at least 1 MP cheev. "Win 10 ranked matches" for 25GS. I'd rather have that than "Win 10 ranked matches in a row".
  • I need to come here again for this one. None of my friends have this game and I doubt they will get it. anyways I am looking to get this one. contact me if interested
  • My gamertag is "Dragons Scroll". None of my friends have this game so if anyone wants it I'll be glad to help.

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