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There are 17 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Awaken



    Finish the game.

  • Find Dream Journal Page in the hospital.

  • Find Dream Journal Page while on the train.

  • Find Dream Journal Page in the concert hall.

  • Find Dream Journal Page in the subway station.

  • Find 3 quartz skulls in "The Crypt".

  • Complete the pyramid stacking puzzle in "The Tower" with the least amount of moves required.

  • Find Dream Journal Page in the city.

  • Find Dream Journal Page while trying to solve the gear puzzle.

  • Complete "The Tower" in under 6 minutes.

  • Complete "The Crypt" in under 12 minutes.

  • Complete the scissors puzzle in "The Crypt" within 15 seconds.

  • Find the diamond skull in "The Crypt".

  • Trigger 3 secret encounters with the bag-headed boy. They are well hidden.

  • Finish the game after all dream journal pages have been collected.

  • Find all skulls in "The Crypt".

  • Solve the rotating camera puzzle before the camera completes the first rotation.

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DARQ Complete Edition Achievements FAQ

  • How many DARQ Complete Edition achievements are there?
    There are 17 achievements to unlock in DARQ Complete Edition worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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