YOU JUST LOST YOUR... Achievement in Daytona USA




    Find the hidden sign at the dead end in ADVANCED Course of ARCADE MODE.

  • How to unlock YOU JUST LOST YOUR...

    Start Arcade Mode and pick the Advanced circuit. When you start, turn around and hang to the right and go up the ramp into the tunnel. Inside is the sign and when you are close enough, the achievement will unlock.


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  • This is right at the end of the lap. You will see a little ramp on your left. The sign reads "If you can read this you just lost the race." Found this on the Sega Saturn about 12 years ago. Pretty neat.
  • Dude I totally remember that, can't wait
  • The sign actually reads: CONGRATULATIONS You just lost YOUR SPONSORS Still rember driving up that tempting off-track ramp way back in 1997. If you look veeeeery closely you can actually read the sign in the achievement tile. Well at least you can when you know what to read. ;)

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