One is all I need Achievement

  • One is all I need



    Kill 5 Infected in a row with a single blow.


    This description here seems to be misleading some people, but all you need for this is five consecutive one-hit kills with a melee weapon. I got this with the sickle you earn in an early side-quest, while using Analog controls. With the analog control scheme, it is actually much easier to pull off a head slice with the right-to-left motion of the thumb stick. Let zombies charge you as their momentum seems to aid the decapitation. A good spot for this is while defending the gas station during chapter two. About 6-8 zombies will charge you when you open the garage door.

    Another method is to join a friend toward the beginning of a new game with your high level character. The lower level zombies will easily die in a single shot.

  • Infected ONLY (THE CRAZY 1's)
  • yeah i got this by accident
  • Ugh for some reason I cannot get this one. The closest I've ever gotten was four out of five, but then the crazy zombies stopped coming. :(
  • Not those crazy ones they screech and come charging at you *Sigh*
  • I just got this it's easily done in the Quarantine Zone as this infected zombies (the ones that runs and scream like crazy when attacking you) respawn every 20 secs or so, look for a big yellow truck and get on top of it, this zombies will try to get on top too but they will fall immediately so before that happens hit it with your strongest weapon I recommend the sharp ones as you can cut off a limb or two and if that do not kill them, when they hit the ground they'll get some extra damage and still counts toward your single blow chain. You'll need a couple of tries to get it.
  • I found the easiest place to get this achievement is when you are sent to the village by Dr. West to retrieve a pure blood sample. [Spoiler] When you enter the village, you will be in a circular arena and the chief will send wave after wave of Infected towards you. Just hang back near where you entered the circle and wait for them to come to you. A powerful machete did the trick for me. Good luck.

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