Originality Achievement

  • Originality



    Play in a co-op team of 4 different playable characters.


    NOTE: This achievement can only be obtained with players with the NTSC-J version of the game, whether it be online or system link.

    Like the description says, you will need to join or host a game where you and three people are all playing as different characters. Use this thread if you don't have enough real life friends to help out.

  • If anyone else is looking to get this achievement message me! GT - Smurfin Hard
  • I need this achievement, add me. GT: Atadaz777
  • If anyone wants to do this send me a message. I need someone to be both girls because I already am the white guy and my friend is Sam B. We can switch if necessary. My friend's list is full so just send a message and then I'll find someone to delete to add you. Gt: Knaussenheimer
  • Please add me for this achievement. I can be any of the 4 characters. GT: komedo
  • Please add me for achievement. any of the 4 characters. Gamertag: I 4Ku I Fede

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