Morituri te salutant Achievement

  • Morituri te salutant



    Survive 30 consecutive waves with at least one co-op player.


    NOTE: This achievement can only be obtained with players with the NTSC-J version of the game, whether it be online or system link.

    See "Death Incarnate" for more info.

  • I need help for this one guys, I swear to fucking allah everyone is so stupid in this game no one wants to do this and everyone quit in the middle. So basically all you have to do is stand next to me andyou will never die and I kill all the xzombie... my gamertag is Atomic Beam
  • I picked this up on games for gold, Looking for someone to run this with. Imma check with Atomic Beam, but chances are he's done it by now. GT Dingadilly.
  • I need help doing this. Very reliable and I won't leave game. Message me about it, I go by UK time.

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