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    Finish all quests in the game


    *Warning: This achievement has been reported as glitched for some.

    There are a total of 80 quests in the game.

    • Main Quests - 28
    • Side Quests - 26
    • Rescue Quests - 14
    • Dead Zone Boss - 13

    List of all Main Quests, Side Quests, Rescue Quests & Dead Zone Boss.


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  • This is tough! I have 71. Does anyone have a list so i can get the other 9?
  • I think it might be a glitched when I press start and look at the achievements it says 18/80 but when I press start and go to Personal statistics it says I have 28 quest completed.... but than again I could be wrong not 100% sure
  • It isn't glitched, the "Team" quests (the ones where you bring supplies to certain characters at your hub) do not count towards this achievement. So, when you check your achievement progress against your personal statistics it will be different numbers. Hope this helps..
  • not glitched, i have 60 of 80 quests done and my stats say i have 93 quests completed... #3 has the right answer.
  • Im missing 2 quests, I did everything in the flooded jungle and pretty sure I did everything in Henderson. Wish that there was a guide that showed the locations of the people in need of rescue. All the guides I found show all the side quests but the rescue missions.
  • as far as i know, there are 31 main quests, 13 hunter quests for killing named enemies and 27 sidequests. in those sidequests, there are 9 more requests by the npc for doing or getting things. that give you a total of 80. The last main quest which is only about taking the boat does not count as 1, i know cuz i got the achievement before taking the boat. this link might help you to complete what you missed... hope this help.
  • I dont get it, I have done every quest in this game, I counted out all of my quests in the menu and I had 80 before I finished the game. I finished the game and still nothing. I looked at an internet quest guide just to check if I did all the quests, sure enough I did and my meter is just sitting at 79/80 I dont get which quest I'm missing if I have completed them all on the guide.I guess my game glitched and decided not to count one of the quests as being completed. Well I guess Im going to have to play-through the entire game again.....
  • Spoilers!! If you go through the tunnels before finishing the quests for a member of your team (forget his name, black male) he mutates so his quest line fails. Not sure if ths effects this achievement I imagine it does so ill have to play through doing all quests again.
  • This achievements is link with the hunter seeker achievement the 13 champion monster each count as a quest :-) happy gaming :-)
  • I'm having the same problem as Zombiekilla772. I did every side quest, main quest, dead zone, and rescue quest and still ended up with 79/80. (Team quests don't count towards this achievement)
  • @10 I finally got it, I restarted my game and completed the rescue Brian quest by the first dead zone you come across, once I completed it the achiv popped, I remember right as I was going to complete that quest in my first playthrough my game froze so when I loaded it back up I think the in game menu counted it as a completed quest but glitched it for the achievement. If you're game froze upon doing or completing any quest(s) they might be glitched and all you have to is complete them in another playthrough. Hope this helps :)
  • WTF!!!! so aggravating. I had 79/80 and still had "Mines Go Boom" quest to do. So i completed it and now NO achievement. This is so fucked because now If they ever fix this I will have to do EVERY quest again because idk which one it didnt count. this game is pissing me off. anyone have any idea how to fix this
  • Same story here...I'm at 78/80 yet when I count them in the quest log I'm at 79/80 (Still haven't done the last mission) just makes me wanna crack the game in half
  • I have not finished the game yet, but see nothing but issues with this achievement. Has anyone actually done it and gotten the achievement to pop?
  • i have the option to get on the boat but i haven't yet because i only have 77/80. If i get on the boat does that count as a mission? and also can i go back if i get on the boat and finish the other two mission? And lastly i got the achievement for completing every dead zone boss but one of the missions is not their in my side missions complete so that and i am missing one rescue mission. PLEASE HELP!
  • #15 one of the dead zone bosses was in a main quest so it will not show that as the others. hope that helps a bit but i am having same problems 79/80 all quests done only thing to do is get on the boat
  • If you get on the boat when your 79/80 you should get this achievement because i was 78/80 and got on the boat I ended up 79/80
  • I fking found it after looking for silvia for marvin go look at the hospital she will be there
  • Some people are saying the final quest where you get on the boat "with the tide" counts and some are saying it does not.... can anyone else confirm or deny this?
  • #18 is correct, my friend found a side quest last night labeled "reunited" that I haven't seen on any side quest guide on this or any other site. @19 When I completed the final quest it did give me credit, but others have said it doesn't so I think that's on a case by case basis.
  • For all you guys that were on 79/80 and the achievement didn't pop on the boat, I can confirm that it's glitched because my mates glitched on the last level, and then I did it and got it. So unfortunately you will have to playthrough till the end, I don't think you will have to do side quests though.
  • 16# thank you that helped. And i am missing one rescue mission is their one that is really easy to miss?
  • Got it! Their is a really easy mission to miss. In the jungle after you do the mission where you get the camera for the guy you rescue traped on an Trailer home you can go to the slums in the jungle and he is on a rooftop and wants you to do a movie scene for him. If you are 79/80 i can confirm that if you get on the boat it does count as a mission so you will get the achievement.
  • ANNOYED!! checked off all the mission on a list i found of all the missions required, still said 79/80. did it all co-op, my team mate got it the cheevo,i didn.
  • I had 79/80 before hitting the boat button and it did unlock for me (PS3 though) IGN only has 53 of 54 main/side missions currently. It is missing "Reunited". I had 12 Special Zombie missions: Blackheart, Body Eater, Walking Carcass, Quickdeath, Deathtrap, Killer, Deathbone, Undying, Skullcruser, Scorge, Blindspot, and Scar I had 14 rescuded survivors: Tyler, Stanley, Mugambe, Megan, Luke, Kitty, Xavier, Lydia, Kyle, Glanna, Carlos, Alex, Brian, and Alfred. 54 main/side + 12 zombies + 14 survivors = 80 total. Hope this helps
  • I have an app on my phone it says Main Quests-28 Side Quests-26 Rescue Quests-14 Dead Zone Boss-13 And one of the dead zone boss is a main mission so it wont show.
  • just found this and i thought id add a helpful link here: vault did an amazing job explaining and detailing everything.
  • Hi one of my food supplies from the ammo crate has gone, im guessing from co-op gaming and the green cirle is still up on the mission Proximity with collecting dropped ammo crates, Is this one needed to get this achiement and will i have to start again in order to get it to show cheers
  • Scrub that, the crate i was looking for was on a caravan not the usual one found in the water :)
  • i'm having trouble with a side quest, i need to find a guy name Ryan, but don't know where to look for him, can anybody help?
  • I got this achievement. Two things to help people who might be worried about a couple of things I was: 1. The guide mentions a "Hidden Data" quest. I could find no so quest and didn't need it. 2. If you are 79/80 and worried about getting on the boat... do it... Shortly into the game-ending cut scene... the achievement popped for me. Hope this helps.
  • Does the "With The Tide" Quest count towards the achievement? I have 79/80 completed and I'm not sure if I should go fight the chick with the chainsaw or not.
  • #30, Ryan is just south west of the Cinema in Henderson, a tiny bit south west of the green 12 on this map
  • Sorry, that should be South East, not west, doh!
  • I can't seem to find the electrical coil for Damien (memories side-quest) i've watched a few videos and read guides and it's not where it is supposed to be. Anyone else experiencing this glitch? it's the last one quest i need to do before the end.
  • working on this now add me if you want help SubatomicCamd97
  • @32 "With the Tide" does count towards achievement. The achievement did not pop for me until I got on the boat and the ending cinema started.
  • Just got the 1000G. None are missable and the list at 27# is great. I was missing one then on careful inspection i had missed "superhero" Some quests don't show up till you get near the location.
  • I got a quest called Reunited - Side Quest - After you turn in the Family Ties quest to Marvin, head to the Makeshift Hospital in Henderson. Go upstairs and on one of the beds is Sylvia, Marvin's wife. If you hit "X" on her, your character will say something about being able to finally find her and then the quest will automatically pop up. Go talk to Marvin about being able to find his wife
  • ugh. mine bugged too. Been over the lists several times and have them all done. so frustrating
  • I have got 78/80 quests done, but haven't completed with the tide - does that count as 2 quests??? Also I have looked at a guide that states a quest as "message in a bottle" but i can't find this quest anywhere??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  • So is there like certain side quest that can only be done in certain chapters. These guides with all the missions are helpful. Although they are kind of confusing. They make me think that you can only do certain quest at certain times. Anybody with any information would be helpful!!
  • I wish this game was as good as the first one :/. However, gladly the achievements aren't too bad.
  • i gt 78 quests completed and coudnt find any more so went on the boat and that was my 79th but a now no i needed to find and kill black heart and so i went through the game till henderson went to kill him did so but still no achvo???? any ideas
  • Need somebody to get this one! Planning to do a speed-run, mainquest only. I'm playing Logan at level 68. If someone is interested, please add me! Xbox-Live: Daimaju Mic would be nice!
  • I got the game the day it came out. I beat it in like three or four days, but I haven't played since. Thing is, I need someone to play with that's willing to try and do all the quests and clean up on other achievements. If you want to play then message me on xbl. GT:BOYWHOBURNSBUD
  • If you have 78 or 79 you are probably missing On The Edge and Reunited. Both are found in Henderson. Reunited is finding Sylvia inside the hospital. On The edge is found just a little bit east of the hospital. You can do these in chapter 13 as long as you don't enter the boat. Other than this everything is in the guides mentioned above. The achievement unlocked before I entered the boat in the second play through.
  • I have 77/80 I cant find out what esle i need to do plz help
  • That Reunited one in the hospital is real easy to miss!
  • I had 79/80 got on the boat and the achievement popped almost straight away, due to the game being so buggy don't think this will be the case for everyone
  • pleeeeeeeease dont let this one be like explore the entire island in the 1st one.... That one was glitched to be all hell and the only one I didn't get.
  • Can anyone tell me if u miss quests in the first playthrough can u just do the quests u missed the second time or do u have to complete them all in one game??
  • @27 thank you.. now I can check to see the 1 I am missing
  • I am now 100% wooohoooo - I was missing "Rescue Gianna" -- "Recent reports from the community have pointed out that the "Rescue Gianna" quest may be a tad glitchy. You may have completed it and it may show in your quest log, but it might not have counted. I don't think anyone knows why but if you are short at the end of the game, try to either join someone else's game and do that quest or finish your game and do a New Game+."
  • Yeah, damn Gianna was holding me back from the achievement. I just joined someone's online game and completed it to unlock the achievement. So relieved I don't have to play another playthrough of this shit.
  • Thank you #27 !!!
  • I have 77/80 all i have to do is get on the boat. I did the checklist and i have everything but the last when i get on the boat can someone tell me why it says 77/80 and not 79/80
  • Plus when i go to quests and count i get 79 so im confused if i count 79 and i all of them are on there from the checklist why is it saying 77/80 on the achievement thing. please someone help me thanx!
  • I wish I came here before buying this game. Glitched achievements are very irritating and I hope its all fixed by now. I knew this game came out too fast after the original.
  • stanley is not appearing for me at all and i still need to do his quest as he is the last rescue.
  • Just 1 to go but havnt played in ages :
  • Looking to do all the achievements and even the whole game on co-op, My GT is. zGamerxx Preferably from the UK due to times
  • im beyond pissed with this achievement i did all the quests in this game TWICE and i still havent gotten the achievement i did all the dead zones and rescues plus i did all the team missions and still nothing
  • Did you go see that dude's wife in the hospital? That is the one thing that I missed.
  • @64 ya i did that one that one was the reunited side quest i believe and trust me i checked all guides, quest lists and everything but my game is seriously so bugged
  • My quests that are done, are 79/80 with my current quest to get on the boat. My achievement tracker however thinks I have 78/80. Damn it all to hell. That 2 games in a row that have glitched achievements on me. Stuff achievement hunting. Too much aggro.
  • Need someone to do this with! All main quests, side quests and collectibles (I have 50% of them but il still let you get all of them :) GT same as username
  • Anyone able to let me join their game to resque gianna again? Mine's glitched, please?
  • Aaaagh! Mine is glitched too. I did all the required quests and the counter was 78/80 before I got on the boat. Was hoping the achievement would pop anyway, but it didn't. Guess I'm replaying this game.
  • Major P£$% off.
  • ^^^^^^^ I FOUND A SOULTION FOR MY SAVE. I made a new game using the profile that I should have gotten the achievement on. >>play >> new game >> same charater >> new game ( prolog too ) >> fifth option, distribute skill points, saved game. >> completed prolog. >>100gs popped for me.
  • Mine was glitched as well, missing one. I did a new game plus and it unlocked after completing the story mission where Marcus sets Paradise on fire. Seems to be totally random because obviously I did that mission the first time. Maybe it's because I imported a previous DI character?

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