Mystery solved Achievement

  • Mystery solved



    Find all the secret files


    See "The Hoarder" to find all secret files location.

  • In the inventory (press select) you can see which collectibles you have already found. They are all numbered, so you can identify missing collectibles easily. After finding a collectible it will be saved automatically. At the end of the story (chapter 13) there is a point of no return. So you have to collect everything before the end of chapter 13.
  • Nice, im subbed to your channel
  • Video Guide for this :)
  • Glitched! I got everything and this one and the collect everything achievement refuses to pop. I saw a youtube saying that you have to get another character to collect the glitched secret file to get it to count but that sounds like a butt load of work. Anyone else have a better plan?
  • Same. I have all 9 secret files and my achievement never popped up. Anybody know if this is glitched or if ive done something wrong?
  • FU deep silver this remindes me of "there and back again" the onlt chevo I did not get from Dead Island... all of the tracking said I had everything.. but yet not achievement. Same boat again except this one is tied to chevos.. this one and the one for all collectibles. I have not passed chapter 13 yet.. so I will back track all 9 secret files and see if I cn find one even though in the inventory it says I have them all. I hope this works and I don't have to get ALL of them in a 2nd play through.
  • Same glitch here. Someone has to invite me on chapter12 and i start getting all nine files with a new character, again. Yet, another linked achievement (all collectibles) will remain locked forever.
  • SOLUTION: Create a new character and play the compulsory prologue. Ask a friend who's at chapter 13 and all maps areas are open to invite to a co-op game. go and collect the 9 files. this achievement and the next (all completion) one will pop up. p.s: Ask your friend to stay at fast travel points. you go collect the damn files. have a good achievement ;)

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