Obtain level 50 Achievement

  • Obtain level 50



    Obtain level 50


    See "Obtain level 70" for more details on how to gain XP.

  • I wonder if this one pops if you import a level 50 character?
  • I hope so, then we need only reach lvl 70
  • I hope oleander man makes a return
  • I can confirm that importing your previous lvl 50+ works to get the achievement - it will pop up as soon as you encounter your first walker.
  • There is Main Quest called (The Crossing) There you will find a Unlimited money and weapons and First Aid and most importantly You'll get a Unlimited XP By repetition from the last checkpoint Repeat the process until you get the Achievement. I hope that will help you guys =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1lAjIql_QY
  • thanks @#5 I'll try that, hope I haven't already done that mission :S and yeah, if you import a character who is level 50 it'll pop up after a few minutes. @#4 I didnt realize that it was after encountering your fist walker. I know that I got it after using my first medkit but that may have also been right after seeing my first walker. when it didn't pop right away I got nervous. Just know that it is coming and don't worry if it says you're level 50 but no achievement.
  • Easy, just import your file from previous DI.
  • Just hit 50 right now. No achievement:-(. I was driving the boat killed some zombies leveled up then died. I'll wait and see if it pops @51. Has anyone else had a problem with this cheevo?
  • Nvm. Killed a few more zombies and a thug then it popped. Weird.b

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