Obtain level 70 Achievement

  • Obtain level 70



    Obtain level 70


    * If you import your character from Dead Island, and your character is at level 50 or higher. Then you will unlock "Obtain level 50" when you either use the first med-kit you find during the first main quest 'The Storm' or when you defeat your first encounter with a zombie also during the first main quest 'The Storm'.

    To reach level 70 you will need 24,396,500 XP. If you start a new character chances are you will finish the game around level 50-55. Meaning you will have to start a new game+ or play with friends. You can also use one of the many XP farming methods; canned foods, blades, bleach, pain killers.

    Click HERE to view a few XP & money farming methods.

  • Very easy only if you got import save games from Dead Island then you will only breeze few more levels until this pop up. Well I do hope so but I think so. Look at Mass Effect games I am sure this game will be same anyway. :)
  • knew there was going to be a level based achievement was worried on how they were going to do it. can't wait for this game
  • 70? Wow!
  • add me if you want to play this when it comes out SubatomicCamd97 No little kids must have microphone and must speak some english
  • Yes this is a breeze just import character and you level up quite quick ;)
  • There is Main Quest called (The Crossing) There you will find a Unlimited money and weapons and First Aid and most importantly You'll get a Unlimited XP By repetition from the last checkpoint Repeat the process until you get the Achievement. I hope that will help you guys =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1lAjIql_QY
  • add me to play GT lliiiffteedd no litle kids pleasee
  • decided to start over for this i dont want to start at a higher level, thats just no fun
  • I found that saving a lot of electrical scrap, blades, painkillers, canned food, etc then turn it in at the last few levels helped a lot towards the end. I did complete ever quest and managed to reach level 70 from 37 in one playthrough.
  • nearing the end of the game and still only level 60 is there a new game plus like the first game where to start over with the level of your first playthrough?
  • Go to Alex, just SE of the Military Base. Buy a shit ton of Blades. Go to Miya, north of Mataka Village, NE of the helicopter crash. Trade in Blades for money and XP. Get achievememt.
  • can i import dead island riptide profile to dead island? i haven't played the first one yet thats why im asking
  • #12 - no it does not work backwards. The first one is a great game. Go play it!
  • SPLIT Y0UR WIGS (zero in Y0UR not o) hmu if anyone needs helps with cheevos in the riptide
  • To get some quick pick ups FAST TRAVEL between OLD CINEMA and MATAKA village Old Cinema- there is a diamond next to the cash register at the bar, right in front of the fast travel. MATAKA Village, the table outside to the left has canned food, and inside the hut has 1-pain killer, 1- electronic scrap 1-canned food.
  • PS. adding to #15, when at the old cinema, projector room near by has bleach and a blade at the end of the room
  • Thought I'd give some quick advice if anyone is still browsing this section. I have gotten two characters up to 70 already and one really easy way is to do some of the methods listed above like exchanging items for xp, such as the blades, bleach, electronic scrap, canned food, diamond, etc... However, there is one nice trick that will make it even faster that my friends and I found out. If you or your friends have a Logan character and invest in the fury ability that allows you to buff your co-op partners and give them 400% xp boost and loot boost, it works in combination with the exchanging of items for xp and cash as long as the person activates his effect before hand.
  • I used Dr Kessler to get XP - as soon as you've gone through the Tunnels you can return to his lab to complete the quest (getting yourself an Achievement for it) and from that point on he gives XP and 5 Stun Gun ammo for each Electronic Scrap you give him, which is incredibly generous. I went from level 68-70 by giving him scrap I had picked up and still had plenty left after. Possibly you could buy scrap from one of the Common Crafting vendors too.
  • I made the mistake of defeating my first playthrough at Level 65. Any suggestions on a great way to reach 70 now?

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