Siege Hammer Achievement

  • Siege Hammer



    Install a total of 5 barricades during hub defense


    The earliest you can get this is during the first hub defense you do. When you meet the rest of the crew after you land on the island. You will need to set up 5 fences to keep the zombies from attacking you. Once all 5 fences have been set up, you will need to defend yourself from the horde. Simply let the horde break down each fence and put the fences back up.

    If you missed this the first time around. Don't worry will get a few other opportunity. Second opportunity is during the main quest 'Stalwart Defense', again during 'Terminal Siege', and again during 'Evacuation'.

  • Should be easily doable on the first hub defense mission. According to gameplay preview video we've all seen, anyways.
  • Didn't happen for my at the first siege =/ maybe later.
  • i had the fences up before the battle started but i didnt get it until i put up 5 DURING the dont panic if you dont get it right away just put up 5 during the battle
  • To go along with what #3 said, you can already have the fences up before a battle, so when the fight starts all you have to do is go to 5 different barricades, stand in front of them, take down the fence, then put it right back up and it will count! Mine didn't work, though, until I was at the ruins-type base in the flooded jungle..
  • i did this when you have to protect the water pump but i guess it does not matter what defense you do
  • This one you should do on your own. Co-Op is pretty hard when 2 - 4 people are putting them up.
  • CAN'T get this when you get the water pump back on "Pump Action". when i first started my game, someone jumped in and screwed up my chances. my advice would be to set it so nobody can join before you even start the game.
  • I hear ya #7, random people entering the game is making it pretty unenjoyable for me. I'm chugging along, playing safe, searching everywhere for collectables, and some guy 5 levels higher than me joins and speedruns the level, triggering story quests so I have no clue what's going on (the damn story is hard enough to follow as it is, the writing is crap). This happens to me on average once a session. Why are no randoms willing to play cooperatively?
  • I have did 2 siege defenses. One at the beginning of the game and the second when trevor is messing with the pump. during both battles I put the fence back up and still no achievement. apparently this game has glitched this cheevo for me. I made sure to put up 5 different fences in the five spots its needed and nothing.... no damn luck
  • I have not gotten this cheevo yet and its pissing me off. I put up five differents fences in five different locations during 2 diff sieges sequences and still no achievement
  • Sorry for the double post..i didn't think my first ones went through..

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