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  • The Hoarder



    Find all collectibles


    *Warning: This achievement has been reported as glitched for some. The tracker will stop at 60/61 collectibles. Not sure why this happens or how to fix it. As of right now it looks like you will have to start a new game and collecting them all again or join a buddies game.

    There are a total of 61 collectibles. To check what "#" collectible you have, press and roll over to your Inventory, then press a few times until you reach the collectibles tab.

    All collectibles carry over between playthroughs and characters so you can't really miss any. As soon as you pick one up it'll save and you will never have to pick it up again. You can't miss anything. As long as you don't accept the Main Quest 'With The Tide' (which the game will tell you its the point of NO return), you can go and do what you have missed.

    A few other great collectible location videos:
    + All in One Collectible Locations Guide (with time links for each collectible)
    + All Collectible Locations (individual video for each type)
    + All Collectibles (video with text)

  • I hate collectibles...
  • i wonder if it tracks like in the 1st game
  • Yes it tracks like the first game ;)
  • Got 100% of these there is a video guide on youtube ;)
  • Playlist featuring videos on all collectibles
  • FYI if you bought the guide its wrong about the location for postcard 9 its actually further over to the left in a bulding on its have to cross the water to get to it and its near the bottom left of the map
  • This achievement glitches for me yet another glitch in this game, so pissed off! I look through all my collectables it shows I have them all I look on the achievement tracker and it says I need 1 more! Any advice?
  • @8 same problem here. if anyone knows why theres an unlisted collectible and where its at please please tell me where it is
  • If anyone helps me get this 60/61 problem fixed ill give u 3 modded weapons
  • @10 You might not have the 15th postcard. The guide does not even list a 15th postcard. watch this video for location It is at 23:21 in this video. Hope this helps
  • I'm sitting here with 59/61 and I found all of them too! This is so frustrating!
  • Ok this is kinda weird, I found the missing two. I was checking trough all my collectibles and the game says postcard 12 and diary 9 is missing, which I definetly picked up. So I went back where they should be and plop I got my cheevo....
  • @11 Thanks for the help but I have it already. I got the 3 seperate achievements for Guides, Secret files, and recording so i know one of those arent glitched. its a postcard or diary but I have them all. ive checked 20+ guides making sure theres no extra ones
  • just like the 'achiever' achievement, this one has glitched for me :( i have them all, used guide, checked them and i only have 60/61 even i cant count all 61 in my collectables
  • It says i am missing 3 (1 postcard, 1 island guide and 1 secret file) i checked and i have them all in my inventory. god this game is annoying. 4 achievements glitched worth 175g
  • Anybody got solutions to fixing these glitched achievements or know if they are making an update to fix it?
  • I had two missing collectables, one guide page and one News Recording. I went on a different character and joined a friends game. I went to Palanai ferry station and both of them were there even though i picked them up on my other character.
  • @15 You might not have the 15th postcard. The guide does not even list a 15th postcard. watch this video for location It is at 23:21 in this video. This was my problem. Hope this helps you.
  • I've added all my collectibles up, and I have 61. I have the individual achievements for collectibles, but not this one. Ghei...
  • ive tried @19 and that didnt work for me but i have 60/61 and started a new story and got them all again and it didnt work everyone wait till the update
  • @#6 your video was very helpful. thank you
  • I´ve got them all in my inventory, but achievement progress says 60/61. I know I found some while I was joining other players, and I think other players have found some when I have hosted. Does anyone know if that matters?
  • Is there anyone this didn't glitch for? Because I don't wanna go buck trying to get these if I'm just gonna be disappointed.
  • An update has fixed the issue with this achievement. I started the game a few weeks ago and it popped right away.
  • Hey guys am looking for a few people to do this with any one fancys helping me complete a few achievement s can u add me my gamer tag is screaming0hippy or send me ure gamer tag thanks guyz
  • i can confirm of what #25 said, its been patched and works now :)
  • Anyone want to do this with me? Add kilbriider :)
  • I'm having problems with Voice Recording #9. I went to the specified location and it wasn't there.....
  • I thought I was part of the glitch club. But I realized I was following the 360 list. Xbox one has an extra collectible to find

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