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    Kill the Twins


    The Twins are located at the Palai Ferry Station. The first Twin you will encounter shortly after getting out the tunnels and reaching the beach. The second Twin is located in a storage warehouse, to the right of the ferry station. To get accesses inside you will need to climb up the billboard and pick up all the items inside the truck bed. After doing so, the doors to the storage warehouse will open and a few zombies will come out and also the second Twin will be inside.

    Now if the second Twin is not in the storage warehouse the first time. Wait a few hours or complete a quest or two, and then come back to the storage warehouse and try it again.

  • Jedward hopefully.
  • Location: Pinai Ferry Station You will reach this location about halfway through the game while following the main story quests. You can also fast travel to this location later on. To unlock the trophy you need to kill two special gas zombies. The first one is located at the beach in the northern part of the map. He is easy to see and will attack on sight. The second one is a little harder to find. He is located in the southern part of the map and you need to climb a hidden ladder to make him appear. The ladder is behind a sign that says "Workshop". The gas zombie is trapped in the workshop garage and will only come out after you have climbed the ladder.
  • Video on where they are and how to make the second one show up
  • Does anyone know what to do if one of them vanishes? I was up to that sign and a grenade blast took me off of it and killed me now I cant find the second one? advice?
  • fast travel elsewhere and comeback. usually enemies respawn right away but i don't know for sure about those 2.
  • I think it's glitched on my profile somehow; I did just like the video shows you to do, but the second one doesn't show up :sss And I have tried this like 10 times and waited many hours between tries...
  • They're twins, are they? If you say so, they just seemed like slightly different regular zombies to me. The game really didn't differentiate them or introduce them clearly at all. Ah well, achievement popped, can't complain.

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