News junkie Achievement

  • News junkie



    Find all the volunteer's voice recordings


    See "The Hoarder" to find all the volunteer's voice recordings.

  • Stupid collectibles ... the gaming world would be a better place if these never existed.
  • @1 Shut up Meg!
  • I hope this one will be for 50G ^^ haha
  • lol they're still 0g
  • I hate achievements like this. This game looks full of them! I'm still going to buy it though.
  • There are 10 voice recordings. In the inventory (press select) you can see which collectibles you have already found. They are all numbered, so you can identify missing collectibles easily. After finding a collectible it will be saved automatically. At the end of the story (chapter 13) there is a point of no return. So you have to collect everything before the end of chapter 13.
  • Video Guide of all Locations including Landmarks to help find easier
  • Have all 10 recordings in my inventory but the achievement tracker says 9/10. They better fix this because I'm not starting over for this.

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