Hurler Achievement

  • Hurler



    Kill 100 monsters with thrown melee weapons


    You can throw just about every melee weapon in the game, beside brass knuckles.

    To throw a melee weapon hold to aim & lock ON and then press to throw your weapon. I found that throwing blades to a lot more damage and is almost an instant kill. Also would recommend to damage the zombie(s) first before throwing your melee weapon. You can pick up the weapon you have thrown at the zombie, and keep thrown it.

  • Is anyone else finding it ridiculously annoying trying to pick your weapon back up? There should be a "boomerang" skill so the weapon automaticaly comes back to you! Most of the time the weapon is in the side of them which is face down so you need to kik them over to retrieve it.
  • @#1 I find it really annoying fetching knifes everytime. this achievement will take a while -.-
  • FML this one sucks 0_O
  • I wonder if we can use modded weapons? Like a shock throwing knife or I'm thinking maybe a sticky bomb knife what do you think? Would be alot easier! Ill try and let you guys know if it works.
  • I've tried and tested my theory, I think it is better to just use throwing knives of the highest grade on your level it also makes for easier pick up hope this helps!
  • This was one of the first achievements I got. I always keep 10 throwing knives on me and upgrade to the next tier when my level is high enough. I just find that throwing knives are good for killing suiciders as well as the infected. They are also good at stun-locking thugs if your melee weapons are all broke to hell.
  • I keep checking my progress on this and it is not giving me credit for all of them..I seem to be getting credit for about half of the kills I am getting with a thrown weapon. That is annoying
  • Guessing this one is easiest with Logan as he apparently has a Boomerang perk?
  • OK, just got this. My advice is don't use knives, they're too weak and it's fiddly to collect every last one after getting a kill. I ended up just throwing a few upgraded bladed weapons (two fire axes and a slicer) and I got one-hit kills every time. Sometimes it seemed like it was the fire/electricity causing the kill and I'm not sure if those kills counted for Hurler, but I still got the achievement quickly this way. A couple of laps of the jungle on foot and it was done.

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