Jetboat Achievement

  • Jetboat



    Kill 100 monsters using the boat's speed boost


    You will get a main quest mission early in the game called 'New Beginnings'. During this mission you need to locate a motor to attach it to a boat. Once you have done that, drive around the river and hold to use the boats boost. It is an instant kill. You will roughly be able to kill 40 - 50 zombies in the water. You can either reload last checkpoint or continue your game play and come back to the river at a later time and drive a boat around again.

  • I think 90 is extremely generous for this. I expected like 15 or 20 max. I knew it was an achievement so I checked my progress. It said 98/100 but I didn't know how much it was worth so when I hit the last two and saw 90G pop up I shat a brick...
  • too easy for 90G :P but i'm not complaining!
  • When they made this 90G they prob only had the Drowners in mind. They are annoying as hell to kill with the boat sometimes. Run over everything else tho along with those stray drowners and your golden.
  • Easy gamerscore. I kind of wish they had spread the GS out across a few more achievements.
  • lol, wow, 90G. I get the feeling they really wanted to show off the boats.

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