Juggernaut Achievement

  • Juggernaut



    Kill 100 enemies using charge attacks


    Charge is a new ability for all the characters, located in the middle skill tree. To preform a charge attack, hold to run and then press . Charge is not a very effective move. So weakening the zombies first will make this a lot easier.

  • i wonder if these are like the rage attacks from DI?
  • I have this unlocked but dont know how to activate it. I have it for Logan and it might be (like Sam B and tackle) only on him, hopefully not though.
  • I got this with Purna so anyone can do it. its a skill that says while sprinting press Y to do a charge attack. I weakened a group and then backed up for carnage since it took 3 charges out right not a good use of stamina
  • i would suggest trying to tackle this and get it out of the way...you have to sprint and then press Y to charge after unlocking the ability (rams head) it doesnt always work and becareful not to hold Y cause sometimes it makes you throw the weapon (im playing as logan)
  • I have got all the other cheevos and I'm currently working on this one and I have got to say it is absolutely the worst attack move I have ever had to do on any game its one of those annoying cheevos ill be glad when I have got it out the way...
  • I'm thinking that maybe it would be easier if you had a friend who could damage the zombie to like nothing. Then you could get the easy 1 shot or 2 shot. I don't know it's just something to think about
  • I'm playing as Sam B and can someone help me with this. also answer this do u have to fully upgrade this Attack on the Skills tree
  • @8 all u need 2 do is unlock the ability, it doesnt need 2 b upgraded. i used my last skill point 2 unlock it (reached lv70) so i couldnt upgrade it and i still got it, just weaken them with a blunt weapon then back off and charge and press Y when ur about 2 hit them. voila !!
  • Would this be easier with a co op partner that is on level 1 and I join their game for weaker enemies making it easier to kill them?
  • Oh yeah, that useless skill that I always forget to use... oops.
  • Man this skill is such garbage. I can one shot just about everything with one swing and minimal stamina, yet this piece of crap skill eats up a ton of stamina and doesn't even one shot most zombies. Not to mention it's awkward as hell to aim and the zombies have to be fully standing to be hit. Be so glad when I'm gotten the 100 kills and never have to use this skill again.

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