Better than the arm Achievement

  • Better than the arm



    Kill 25 monsters with a chainsaw


    The earliest time you can get a chainsaw is during the side quest 'Genre: Horror Slasher', from Dave in Makat Village, on top of a submerged trailer. The quest will bring you to a Dead Zone, with 6 zombies inside. The chainsaw is located at the end of the ally, where you turn off the generator.

    The chainsaw damages easily, even when fully upgraded. Best thing to do is slightly tap to attack.

    Also after the 'Militarized Zone' main quest. You will see a survivor, Nora, who needs help on top of one the towers. Kill the surrounding zombies and she will let you purchase Military equipment. One of those equipment is a chainsaw.

  • BEAUTIFUL nod to Evil Dead
  • @ so im not the only one thinking about Campbell with this achievement.
  • I hope they let you face some zombie thats named Ash in this one...
  • Video on where to get a chainsaw :)
  • I found this funny as well when it popped up :)
  • I got the chainsaw from a certain boss late in the game, but on my second play through I seen one in the slasher movie set (dead zone)- up on a shelf, past where you turn off the power to the double doors
  • there is a dead zone where you go in turn the power off keep on walking and you will find a chainsaw
  • Is it me or does the chainsaw suck
  • you can get harlow's chainsaw when you kill her, just take it when you kill her.
  • #9: Yes, this chainsaw really, really sucks. I was very disappointed. How is it so difficult to hit enemies with it? I was missing enemies on the ground with it! Just tapping the attack button seemed to raise the chances to hit, and it's good at cutting limbs when it finally connects. Overall it's a fiddly weapon that you'll need to fully repair 3 times just to get the 25 kills. Was glad to get rid of this p.o.s.

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