King among Kings Achievement

  • King among Kings



    Kill special enemies: Grenadier, Thug, Wrestler, Infected, Suicider, Screamer, Butcher, Floater.


    Self explanatory. Simply kill each of the 8 special enemies. You will come across each type of enemy during your playthrough.

  • what the heck is a wrestler some kind of zombie hulk hogan haha
  • its macho man, snappin into a slim jim.
  • new game new kind of zombies ^^
  • 3 new types of zombies = more challenges :D
  • this game is going to be exactly like the first one, i'm not expecting it to be anything special at all.. and just like the first one, i'll be getting it from Gamefly. I must say if all they did is "bring in 3 new different zombie types" that just shows how much they pushed this game out just to try and make a quick $ on the name alone, and the fact that it has "zombies" Fail.
  • @ #5 - Fail? for you.. more like Troll. This game wasn't made to be great. it was made for co-op. Just like the first one. I am okay with that.
  • This game was made as a 1.5. Not as a full sequel but a lot bigger than an arcade game. They kept a lot of it similar or the same due to the fact that it has a real similar setting. There are different missions, weapons, people, enemies, and achievements. If you liked the first one you should understand what they are trying to do with this one and respect it. It is a fun game.
  • they made the Rams and Butchers too easy. i was actually scared of butchers the first time i encountered them in the jungle in the first game, now it's just another zombie to behead... screamers are just annoying, target them from behind and should be easy. wrestlers, i don't even remember what they look like but i must have killed some since i got achiev. grenadier, too weak, i mean some enemies throw a slicer at you and kill you in 1 shot but them, you can survive many of their `grenades`
  • How many wrestlers are in this game because the wrestler is the only one I need to kill
  • The zeds r more faster, aggressive and travel in bigger groups at times. Making coop the prefered way of play... So I've heard. I'm about to start it up on solo.

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