Hunter-Seeker Achievement

  • Hunter-Seeker



    Find and kill all named champion monsters located in dead zones


    There are 13 dead zones located on the island. Below is a list and the locations of the 13 dead zones. To keep track of which ones you have defeated, go to Quests, then scroll down to your completed Side Quests. There should be 12 "Defeat ..." quests completed (the Orge is tied to a main quest). From here you can easily work out what you're missing.

    Flooded Jungle
    1. James Nisira’s Bungalow – James “Kille”r Nisira
    You can find James in his Bungalow in the Oil Storage area a little down the road from Paradise Survival Camp.

    2. Halai Villiage– Joe “Ogre” Somare
    When you go to save the local hero, Marcus you’ll find Joe the butcher here, so you can’t miss him as he is part of the main quest.

    3. Ocean View Bungalows – Eduardo “Quick Death” Petoia
    Down the lower right in Halai Villiage is the Ocean View Bungalows dead zone

    4. Jimmy O’neils cave – Jimmy “Deathtrap” O’neil
    Jimmy’s cave is up north and a little bit to the right of the Helicopter Wreck on the map.

    5. Peter Spicer’s Shack – Peter “the Undying” W. Spicer
    Just head a little left of where Jimmy’s cave was and you’ll find Pete’s shack here in the Breri Outpost.

    6. Olivier Weng’s Hideout – Olivier “Deathbone” Wenge
    Oliver’s little hideout is just down the road from Pete’s shack directly up north in the middle of the map. You’ll see a dirt road that goes up to a cave where you’ll find him.

    Henderson City
    7. Frankie O’Hara’s Apartment – Frankie “The Scourge” O’Hara
    Frankie’s apartment is just a little up north from the Old Town Cinema on the map. You can actually grab this when you are heading down when you first get to Henderson

    8. Metzger Sloat’s Hideout – Metzger “Skullcrusher” Sloat
    This one is the next building south between the Church and Old Cinema.

    9. Geoffrey Nape’s Warehouse – Geoffrey “Walking Carcass” Nape
    Geoffrey’s warehouse is about middle left on the map and just south of the military entrance.

    10. DR. JJ Evan’s Clinic – Doctor “Scar” J J Evans
    This is just a little farther south of Geffrey’s warehouse. Just keep yourself near the west wall and walk down to find his clinic.

    11. George Serero’s Apartment – George “Body Eater” Serero
    Just keep heading down south of the wall from the clinic because you’ll find his apartment right after another dead zone entrance.

    12. BJoel Chubalba’s motel – Joel “Blackheart” Chubalba
    You’ll find the motel south and to the left. It is west of the sea market on the left side, so you can’t miss as it is the only entrance in that area.

    13. Ogio Moke’s Laundry – Ogio “Blindspot” Moke
    This entrance is on the bottom right of the map just a little up north near the entry point for the helicopter crash in Henderson.

  • sounds hard to do it, I hope not :)
  • This one sounds like (torturous) fun.
  • sounds awesome !!!
  • 90 Points, so be in for a treat. Might take time to find them, followed by a tactic to actually kill them as well.
  • I have 1 out of 13 but I've killed so many next level zombies that I'm not sire which one was for this.
  • I think they are only the ones that are in the Dead Zones. Dead zones are merked by some sort of banner just outside the place you meet these special zombies. I could be wrong, but I think you must be the one to kill, them. You won't be tracked for this achievement if you co-op partner kills them.
  • I hope none of them are like that one-shot-you side boss in the original Dead Island. That sucker was tough.
  • They are the named ones generally Marked by a purple skull and example would be "James "Killer" Nisira" which is the first one you encounter. All are located in dead zones (so far) and not all dead zones have them some just have bigger enemies butcher, thug, etc.
  • Yup exactly as WH00PAGE said: You know when you fight one that shows as a PURPLE SKULL on the map. Also they are not always in DEAD ZONES. I found one in a hideout with no banners outside!!!
  • - all 13 Championslocations
  • You can check which ones you've encountered as well by pressing 'start' and scrolling down to 'Dr. Kessler's Casebook'. it will list all monsters you've encountered, including the boss ones. The case snipits are actually kind of interesting.
  • One of these did not register for me... "Ogre" on the main quest near the Halai Survivor's Camp. I was playing by myself, so I know I am the one who killed him. Did this happen to anyone else? Any suggestions?
  • @6 While playing with my fiancee, I got the final hit on Eduardo "Quickdeath" Petoia and we both had it count toward the achievement. I think you just need to get a few hits in for it to count you in co-op.
  • @12 I have a similar bug with "Frankie". I killed all champion monsters and they are all listed in Dr. Kesslers Casebook but no achivement and no quest update. So I don't get the last two achievements (champion monsters 12/13, all quests 79/80). I played the hole game again and killed "Frankie" again but nothing. Did anyone have the problem to or any idea?
  • @14 Did you try starting a whole new character? I am hoping there is some way for me to make it pop. Also, did you contact Dead Island Riptide support? If not, here is a link: Please let me know if you get this resolved
  • @14 This may be a silly question but did you kill Frankie in his dead zone? When I was doing the main quest line, around the point where you need to seek out the helicopter George "Body Eater" Serero decided to spawn. Naturally, I killed him and he was recorded in Kessler's Casebook but the mission to kill George never came up so my achievement progress didn't update. I went to George's dead zone and re killed him there (thank god he re spawned)and it registered. Maybe if you go back to his dead zone he'll decided to re spawn and you can try again? I don't know, maybe I was just lucky.
  • @15 no. I don't try a now character. I don't want to play the game a third time. The next step is to contact the support or playing again with new clean character. @16 I played the hole game and missed only the champion quest of "Frankie". So I went to the dead zone of "Frankie" and nothing. He was not there (12/13). So I played the game again to the point of "Frankie" and nothing again (with the same character second run). I connected then to many other people with the same level and went to his dead zone in the coop. "Frankie" was ther and I kill him but nothing (I killed him many times). In dr. kellers book he is listed but no achivement for champion monsters or quests achivements. That's sh**. Thank's for your answers. I will try the hole game again with clean character and tell
  • I've fought like ten that were purple amd had special names but my progress still only says 1/13. wtf
  • I've killed all 13 but it says 10/13 :/
  • same here, i killed all 13 yet i had only 9/13 on my done list so i redid them and got the 4 i was missing. it seem sometimes the pop up that says new quest available doesn't appear and killing the big dude simply doesn't register. so i suggest you guys simply go back to all your dead zone and try redoing them. worked for me anyway.
  • Same thing happened to me. What you need to do is go to the completed quest section and from there look for the "defeated "said monster quest which in fact you have completed. There you can see which champion monsters the game actually accounted for. The ones that do not appear can be redone so that the game can actually count them towards the achievement.
  • ve done all 3 times now and still says 12 of 13 any1 no whats going on
  • I am having the same issue with Peter, I've to his house three different times. 12/13 is infuriating as I know I have been apart of his kill.
  • I solved my problem. I visited all Champion Monster locations again and found the missing one. Don't look in dr kesslers book. Visit all locations again. Thats it.
  • check in the achievements and the video above find the ones your missing. the main quest one does not matter. check with the quests completed i had to do frankie and somaro again
  • Check your completed missions under the quest section in your toolbar. Scroll down to "side (finished)" and you'll have a list of all the missions you've cleared/ dead zone zombies killed- this allows you to see which monster is missing- just go back to the dead zone and finish him off. It was George Sorero for me
  • If you kill them while in rage/fury mode, they do NOT count towards the achievement. I can't confirm this, it's just what I've seen a few people say on a few forums I've checked out.
  • Can anyone confirm what #27 said to be true or false?
  • When I look in my Quests section, I have defeated 12 Champions, the only one I am missing is the Main Mission Champion Joe "OGRE" Somare. I have completed the mission, as I am holding off going on the boat at the end. I have also gone back to OGRE's location and he does not appear. Does anyone have any suggestions? When I press start and go to the achievements section, it says I have done 11/13. WTF?
  • Are the dead zones marked on the map?
  • it says im missin 3 in the quest section but I have 11/13 on the achievement, gone back to locations but iv alrady killed all 13???
  • scrap that ^^ just went through them again and found frankie o hara. achievement popped
  • #27 better not be correct.. I already have 2 other achievements that are glitched for this game o_O
  • No #27 is not correct. I've killed the majority of the deadzone bosses in Rage mode and the kill counted. On a side not though, Metzger Sloat wont spawn for me. Anybody else have this problem?
  • Hey guys - I have been through countless forums and other places only to find that no one is able to get this unless they play through the game with two completely different characters and the one that glitched for you, doesn't glitch on the second character.
  • Quick and easy, done it in like 15 minutes.
  • I killed all 13 but I didn't get the achievement :(( I so hate when games don't pop achievements that you clearly earn them. And this is one of those... the game creator needs to patch this glitch so people can get what they earned

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