Serving Science Achievement

  • Serving Science



    Finish quests for Dr. Kessler


    Can be missed!

    This is not part of the main quests and can easily be missed. Dr. Kessler is located inside the Research Laboratory, in the Flooded Jungle. Dr. Kessler will give you one side quest called 'History Lesson'. Simply complete it and turn it in.

  • anyone want to explain? i did the main quest parts with him.... do i just go back to the research facility to get the rest of the quests?
  • he ask you for a bunch of stuff to do while in the tunnel, just keep his quest on and you shouldn't miss anything. once you arrive at ferry station, just fast travel back to the research facility and turn in. you'll know you are done if he start paying you for scrap electronics.
  • this is important to know you CAN do this after the tunnels, simply go back and he will have the quest to send you in.
  • Such an easy achievement. I did it co-op with my friend but I didn't get it. He did though. Deep silver is really starting to turn into treyarch.
  • Easy. During the Tunnels I think there's a chemical sample and a tissue sample to pick up, once you get past the tunnels you can backtrack or Fast Travel back to Kessler's lab to turn it in. Once the quest is done, Kessler gives XP and Stun Gun ammo in return for Electronic Scrap, which is a great method for XP farming.

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