First Do No Harm Achievement

  • First Do No Harm



    Finish hospital quests for Cecil


    Can be missed!

    This is not part of the main quests and can easily be missed. Cecil is located inside the Makeshift Hospital, in Henderson. Cecil will give you two side quests, 'The Darkness' & 'Healthcare'. Simply complete them and turn it in.

    Makeshift Hospital Map Location

    NOTE: While inside Makeshift Hospital you will find Marvin's wife. This will complete the side quest 'Reunited'.

  • who the hell is this?
  • In the town (Henderson), you will get advised of a "makeshift hospital" that was once a hostel. It will then show on your map as a location
  • Once inside, you meet Cecil. He will have a few quests that are not too difficult in comparison to what you've done. Happy Hunting!
  • located west of the movie theater in Henderson
  • hello guys were is it that you go for this?
  • @ #4, that's not the right direction. I went to follow your directions and got totally lost. The ACTUAL location for those who also struggled is SOUTH-WEST of the cinema, or slightly south of the town hall, or north of the quarantine zone, or west of Ryan's house. Either way you go, it's labelled as 'makeshift hospital' on the map.
  • I did this with a friend did both quests The Darkness and Healthcare and the ach did NOT pop for me but did for my friend I also have the achiever achievement but not this one so it may not pop for bot players in co-op or I just got screwed into playing this game all over again..............................

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