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    You saved all survivors in a single playthrough. Really? Even after all Phenotrans did to you.


    There are thirteen people in your notebook, but only nine of them are people you actually have to save. The one nice thing is you don't have to lead them back to the safe room after you save them like past games. They will run off and you're done. The survivors appear at different times and you are never notified about them. You just have to find them at the right time in the right spot. I will list them by how I found them and around the time they appeared for me.

    These have to be done in one playthrough.

    WHO: Hernando Arisa
    WHEN: Right after Case 1 ends.
    WHERE: Will be standing on top of some boxes at the bottom of the stairs to the safe room right after Case 1 ends.

    WHO: Lisa Hersey
    WHEN: Available right after Case 1. After saving Hernando he will tell you about her.
    WHERE: First, you will have to go to the cafeteria and find a note from her, which will then lead you to the security tower for another note. After that you will find her on the first floor of the living quarters.

    WHO: Alica Hobbes
    WHEN: Around the same time as Lisa. End of Case 1 into Case 2
    WHERE: First floor of the research labs.
    ITEMS NEEDED: Have a cattle prod in your inventory for her.

    WHO: Robert Staymore
    WHEN: Beginning of Case 2.
    WHERE: In the holding pins on the west side by the maintenance room standing on some boxes.
    ITEMS NEEDED: Have an assault rifle in your inventory because he will ask for one.

    WHO: Allie Jack
    WHEN: Around Case 2 to Case 3
    WHERE: Upstairs hallway in the harvesting room.
    ITEMS NEEDED: Nothing. Just fight the zombies off to save her.

    WHO: Jerry Sampson
    WHEN: Toward the end of Case 2 but before you blow up the electric room in Case 3
    WHERE: Living quarters. Second floor in a back room above the stairs that are across from the maintenance room.
    ITEMS NEEDED: Have a laser sword and a lightning gun with you.

    WHO: Regina Dee
    WHEN: Middle of Case 2 until Case 3 starts.
    WHERE: Corner of the storage room near you safe house.
    ITEMS NEEDED: Upon talking to her she will request a liver and a heart. Your compass will show where they are in the research labs. Both are in small coolers and they will take up space in your inventory. Bring them both back to her to finish.

    WHO: Mizuki Tanahara
    WHEN: After you save Regina she will tell you about Mizuki.
    WHERE: Down in the tunnels near your safe house, which Regina will give you a key to once you save her. He will be in a little alcove almost right after you enter the tunnels.
    ITEMS NEEDED: Nothing. He will attack you when he sees you. Just punch him or smack him around with a blunt object and he will finally relent and be saved.

    WHO: Dean Templeton
    WHEN: Some people have problems with him. I found him after I blew up the electric room. I had to leave the area and come back a few times to get him to appear so keep trying that if needed.
    WHERE: In the living quarters at the back in the server room.
    ITEMS NEEDED: You'll need an energy drink. Just mix an apple and a whiskey together in the cafeteria blender. Both those items are sitting on the table with the blender, so don't bother searching around for them.


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