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  • A bigger taste...



    Built all available combo weapons. Now take those combo cards into Dead Rising 2!

    Combo Weapon Checklist

    Below is a checklist you may use if you want to keep easier track of what combos you need and what ones you have. You can copy it into paint and use the brush to put an X in the white squares. I suggest worrying about these on a seperate save file, maybe the one you're getting your money on. These wil only take about 10-15 minutes to complete using my item locations. There are multiple locations for the items, but my layout will gives the easiest access and lowest amount of loading. You can create these over multiple playthroughs and still get the achievement. Items respawn after a load screen or cut scene. The most efficient place to contstruct your weapons is the maintenance room by Big Buck Hardware store, as almost all of the items you need are close by.

    Spiked Bat
    -Bat: In front of you when you start, in the shed.
    -Nails: In front of you when you start, in the shed.

    Drill Bucket
    -Drill: In the scapyard
    -Bucket: In the scrapyard

    - Propane Tank: Maintenance room next to Big Buck Hardware
    - Nails: Maintenance room next to Big Buck Hardware

    -Whiskey: Behind theatre in the alley
    -Newspaper: Behind theatre in the alley

    Air horn
    -Plyon (traffic cone): On the road towards Quarantine Camp, you'll find it between the first two white vans.
    -Aerosol Can (spray paint): Alley behind Sheriff's Office

    Electric Rake
    -Rake: Big Buck Hardware Store
    -Battery: Behind theatre in the alley on a garbage can (at the end of alley)

    -Oar: To the right of the first building on the bottom part of the map coming from the safehouse (the lone building by the Sheriff's Office). It's in the corner near the fence.
    -Chainsaw: Big Buck Hardware Store

    Beer Hat
    -Beer: Found on streets or in Sheriff's Office by shotgun.
    -Helmet: On a roof. Jump to where Bob stands. Head towards the fire escape that leads to the 2nd story of the motel. Jump from that area to the opposite building. Go to where the metal bridge starts and look left.

    - Shotgun: Go behind the Sherrif's Office through the alley and it's upstairs on the desk in the office.
    - Pitchfork: Big Buck Hardware store.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n9l57Vdsko *Achievement/Trophy Hunters*

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