-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 45 [900]
-Online: 5 [100]
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 recommended) Story + Partials & Sandbox
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: Purewal Memorial Cup (See achievement)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No

Welcome to Dead rising 2: Off The Record, a spin-off from the Dead Rising 2 story with Frank West as the main protagonist. Once again the setting is Fortune city, but with a new area and a few new little places. You will need two story playthroughs to level up & to get specific achievements as well as completing challenges in sandbox in both single-player and co-op. This guide will guide you through each step needed to get all the achievements. Click here for help on the gameplay and making things easier & more fun.

Step 1: Story Mode
Any story or survivor related achievements can be unlocked in single player or co-op. So start story mode in either/or and get to grips with the game, make combo weapons and complete the story & try to save all the survivors needed for the achievements - this will net you the story & survivor related achievements. This will level you up and make you stronger, making the game much easier. Once you're a high enough level you can start a second story playthrough and go straight for the Purewal Memorial Cup & Alpha Vs. Omega achievements, this means consuming no meat, dairy or alcohol & keeping Denyce with you until Case 7-2. See the individual Achievements for further detail. Once you have that done you can start partial playthroughs to get any miscellaneous story or survivor related achievements you missed.

Step 2: Sandbox
This is where you’ll want to get your PP sticker achievements as there is no time limit. You can also go for any miscellaneous zombie or photo related achievements here. However, mainly you will be working on completing every challenge to Gold, see the 'Challenge Domination' achievement for a full in-depth guide on how to get gold on all challenges.

Step 3: Co-op
Now you will want to get a co-op partner & get the 5 co-op achievements. If you need a co-op partner click here. You will need to complete all co-op challenges in sandbox to gold, 'See the Even More Help From My Friends' achievement for further detail. The other co-op challenges are simple and can be done in co-op or single-player

Step 4: Six Digits
Complete all other achievements before going for this as it will make it less of a grind. Once you have, go into sandbox mode and keep getting kills. For the fastest way possible to get the achievement see the 'Six Digits?!?' achievement.

Dead rising 2: Off The Record is much easier than its predecessor and will be fun for the most part, but it will take that extra push to be willing to grind for the final 100,000 kills.

Fire Hawk D - for his PP sticker guide.
Tenselemming - for his gold challenge guide.
I don't take credit for any videos.

[x360a would like to thank IVIR BLOBBY for this Roadmap]

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Take a high PP value picture.


    For this you need to take a picture of over 1,000 PP. You can get this almost immediately when you start the game, you will be on walkway following TK & a man, keep taking photos when the glowing yellow PP circles are above their heads. Your best chance is when the area is nearly over & you are near a door, take a photo of them both and you will easily get over 1,000 PP.

  • Get back in the game by gaining lots of PP from pictures.


    For this you need to accumulate 10,000 PP from pictures. This will come naturally while going for the other achievements. Just keep taking pictures of survivors, psychopaths & zombies

  • Take an extremely erotic picture.


    In the Uranus Zone directly opposite the bar Jump Space 7 is a souvenir shop with 4 anal probes in there. Hop in & zoom up close with your camera so all 4 probes are in the picture & take the picture, and this will net you well over 2,000 PP & the achievement very early on. For a video, see below.

  • Take a picture with elements of horror, brutality, outtake and erotica in a single shot.


    To make things clear:

    Horror = Zombie.
    Brutality = Dead zombie/blood.
    Outtake = Funny things. e.g. a zombie with mask on.
    Erotica = Sexy e.g.. a massager/anal probe.

    Simply try and create a situation with all of the above. If you want to get this achievement quickly try this...

    In the Uranus zone is a whackamole game called Molemen from Uranus, next to it is the souvenir kiosk, go there pick up a few anal probes & the alien head from the counter, then run near some zombies, place the anal probes on the floor (for erotica), kill a few zombies (for brutality) & then put the alien head on a zombie (for outtake). Then you have to take the picture making sure the dead zombies, alien head & anal probes are in the frame with a few zombies too and you will get the achievement.

  • Take a photo of a survivor in a very dramatic situation.


    If you go to the Yucatan Casino during Story Mode you will find Ted & Snowflake there. Kill Ted and then you will need to tame Snowflake. To do this you will need 4 steaks, so go to food court and go to the Wild West Grill - it is to the left as you come into the food court from the slot ranch side - pick up the the steaks from the kitchen and go back to the Yucatan, in the tiger cage are two other steaks.

    Once you have the four steaks, lay them out on the floor apart from each other & wait for Snowflake to go and eat a steak, as snowflake is eating the steak take a photo as up close as you can get, this should net you the achievement.

  • Fill your camera's memory.


    For this achievement you need to take 30 pictures, so just keep taking pictures and this will come eventually.

  • Photograph a PP sticker.


    See "Award Winning Photography."

  • Photograph 25 PP stickers.


    See "Award Winning Photography."

  • Photograph 75 PP stickers.


    You should do this in Sandbox mode as it has no time limit. Use the ninja costume if you want to do this quickly as no zombies will not disturb you too.

    Click here for a guide by Fire Hawk D on how to do it.

  • Take a picture of your co-op partner during co-op play.

    Go into co-op & take a picture of your co-op partner. It really is that easy.

  • Take a picture of a psychopath.


    This can be in Story mode or Sandbox. Just pull out your camera and take a picture of a psychopath.

  • BFF



    Use the Snapshot skill move on a zombie.


    You unlock this skill really early on. Simply press + while next to a zombie and you will net this achievement.

  • Get a medal on a challenge in Sandbox Mode.


    See "Challenge Domination."

  • Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different single player challenges.

    See "Challenge Domination."

  • Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different co-op challenges.

    See "Even More Help From My Friends."

  • Get at least a bronze medal on all single player challenges.

    See "Challenge Domination."

  • Get at least a bronze medal on all co-op challenges.

    See "Even More Help From My Friends."

  • Get a gold medal on all single player challenges.

    This is not as hard as it sounds, simply just use the outfits that give you special abilities, mix quickstep (wine + wine) for the races and make the Super BFG (amplifier + blast frequency gun) for getting kills quickly.

    Click here for a guide for each individual challenge.

  • Get a gold medal on all co-op challenges.

    This doesn't have to be done with the same co-op partner. You just have to achieve gold in every co-op challenge. Use the same guide for the single-player achievements, but each player needs to have what is listed. Remember to mix juices and use the costumes to make it all a little bit easier.

    Click here for a guide for each individual challenge.

  • Take a dose of Zombrex.


    This is part of the story. Once out of the safe house you will get this mission to go and get the Zombrex from Roy's Mart, and then you'll be required to inject yourself at 7AM, so do it when you are instructed to do so and you'll net the achievement.

  • Rescue a damsel in distress from the Twin Terrors.


    Progress through the story and complete the cases. It unlocks after defeating the Twins in Case 5-2.

  • Save the damsel in distress a second time.


    Progress through the story and complete the cases. It unlocks after defeating Sgt. Boykin in Case 7-2.

  • Destroy a "harvester".


    Play through the story to unlock this. This unlocks during 'The Facts' mission.

  • Defeat the mastermind of the Fortune City incident.


    Play through the story to unlock this. This unlocks after completing 'The Facts' mission.

  • Save a damsel in distress for the third and final time.


    For this you must unlock 'Overtime' mode

    You unlock overtime mode by giving TK Zombrex after he is bitten. Simply complete the story until TK is bitten, then go to the medical room and give him Zombrex. This will unlock 'Overtime' mode & will start after the credits. Complete the objectives TK gives you then go to the arena and fight him. You lose all your weapons/health so don't bother preparing for the fight. Once you defeat TK you will get the achievement.

  • Unlock the secret shortcut.

    For this you need to complete the 'Wilted Flower' mission given to you on Day 2. Give the woman something to drink and then follow your arrow to the shortcut and unlock the achievement.

  • Avert a mutiny.


    First you will need to complete the mission 'Hunger Pains,' which will appear on Day 3 between 5-6 AM. For this you need to save Richard from Chris's Fine Foods on the second floor of the Palisades Mall. Complete the mission and bring Richard back to the safe house.

    Later on day 3 you will get the mission 'Snake in the Grass' at about pm off Richard in the safe room. Simply take his mission, go get the erotic magazine, bring it back and your achievement will pop.

  • Restore power to the Yucatan Casino.


    After taming or killing Snowflake, go behind the help desk in the Yucatan casino and go through to the back room and talk to Lenny. He will take you to a room by the toilets where you can turn on the power, simply turn it on and this will net you the achievement.

  • Defeat the motorcycle-riding psychopath.


    On Day 1 you will get the mission 'People Like Us.' i would recommend waiting until you are a higher rank until trying to defeat this psychopath though as it's difficult.

    To defeat this psychopath, take a lot of health and two pairs of knife gloves (boxing gloves + bowie knife), usually found in the Royal Flush or in the maintenance room next to the giant blue ball game in Fortune Park. Try to stand outside the railing around the water feature, diving out of the way making him crash; then, when he's down attack him as much as you can, then rinse and repeat.

  • Kill 69 zombies.


    This can be done in Story or Sandbox mode. For a quick killing method see See "Six Digits?!?"

  • Kill 1337 zombies.


    This can be done in Story or Sandbox mode. For a quick killing method see See "Six Digits?!?"

  • Kill 12,345 zombies.


    This can be done in Story or Sandbox mode. For a quick killing method see See "Six Digits?!?"

  • Kill 100,000 zombies.


    Note: This must be done in Sandbox mode and only the host's kills will count.

    Start going for this once you have all single player & co-op challenges done, as this will mean less kills for you to grind. To do this method you will need the SUV.

    To get the SUV, grab the two gambling mags. The first is on the second floor of the BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and the second is on the second floor of the Grotto in the Palisades. Once you have them go to the Slot Ranch Casino and bet on the large slot machine next to the large corridor leading to the food court. Now just sit here betting until you hit $2,500,000. Once you have that much, go to the pawn shop on the Silver Strip and buy the SUV key.

    You will then want to go get the driving magazine too so that makes the SUV last 3 times longer. It is located on the roof of Paradise Platinum Screens on the Platinum Strip. You have to climb the snack machine right next to Cash Gordan's Casino and climb up, then you follow the walkway all the way round. You will then need to jump to the roof of Jugz Bar & Grill, then jump to the roof of Paradise Platinum Screens.

    Once you have the magazine go and get the SUV. Then drive the SUV up and down the strip running over zombies. As soon as the SUV begins to smoke it's a good idea to go into the underground then come back, so another spawns. Simply then use the SUV until it breaks and get the new one when it does. Rinse and repeat. This will take you a while and will be a grind. It'll also most likely be the last achievement you get.

    Click here for more help on getting the achievement.

  • Use the Jump Kick to knock down 100 zombies.


    Just run around as you play the story, jumping & hitting  as you go, which will do a Jump Kick. Try and do it to groups of zombies for maximum effect and this will come very quickly.

  • Get over 2,000 PP from a single zombie kill.


    You will need the combo card for the Boomstick to get this. You can get the combo card from getting gold on the first challenge on the roof of the Atlantica Casino in Sandbox mode. See "Challenge Domination" if your having trouble.

    You will then need to create a Boomstick. It is easily created in the Palisades Mall, from the entrance to the Palisades from the Atlantica Casino there's a pitchfork in the dirt in between the two escalators. The gun shop upstairs, High Noon Shooting Range, has a shotgun in it. Combine them both in the combo room downstairs to create the Boomstick and use the heavy attack by holding  while next to a zombie. This will net you 2,500 PP.

  • Visit 10 different maintenance rooms.


    There are well over 10 maintenance rooms across the whole of Off The Record's world, as indicated by little wrench icons on the map. Simply walk into 10 different maintenance rooms and you'll net the achievement.

  • Build one of the combo weapons new to Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.


    Make one of the following new combo weapons:

    Decapitator - boomerang + bowie knife
    Pegasus - stick pony + rocket fireworks
    Laser Eyes - alien head + gems
    Cryo Pod - escape pod + fire extinguisher
    Molten Cannon - tennis ball launcher + motor oil
    Saw Launcher - tennis ball launcher + saw blade
    Electric Crusher - sledgehammer + battery
    Bouncing Beauty - propane tank + rocket fireworks
    Super Massager - leaf blower + massager
    Weed Tenderizer - grass trimmer + bowie knife

  • Collect 20 combo cards.


    See "Card Archive".

  • Collect 50 combo cards.


    You collect combo cards through saving survivors, leveling up and completing challenges in Sandbox mode. There are 65 combo cards to collect so this will come while going for other achievements.

    However, there are quite a few combo cards hidden in Fortune City that will help you get this achievement quicker. The video below shows you the locations of each one.

  • Unlock all skill moves.


    You unlock skills through leveling up. You will unlock all skills by level 50.

  • Play a carney game and win.


    The carney games are at the center of the Uranus Zone. Pay to play one of these games and take out all targets with the weapons provided and you will win the game, and thus, the achievement.

  • Defeat 5 psychopaths in co-op.

    Psychopaths are the human enemies in Story mode & in Sandbox mode. You can come across them randomly or meet them throughout the story.

    Simply defeat 5 psychopaths in one sitting. FYI, it is easier in Story mode, all you have to do is simply just complete missions until you kill five. Like I said, it can be done in sandbox also, just free roam to find them. And yes, you have to do it in co-op... the clue's in the achievement description.

  • Use the amusement park rides to kill 10 zombies at once.


    Go to the Uranus Zone and go to the UFO Crash Ride. Remove all the barriers around it and then go to the nearby rocket kiosk, Rockets Red, just past the clown car next to the swinging ship and get some firecrackers. Simply throw them around the UFO crash to attract the zombies. When you can see a horde around it look to the right of the ride to see some railing and a podium, this is where you launch the ride. Run to the podium and activate the ride and this should kill more than 10 zombies.

  • Get 8 survivors into a vehicle.


    If you are doing Story mode, when you go to the safe house, leave the survivors in the bathroom of the Royal Flush or the maintenance room outside of the safe room. You can do this with the first 8 survivors.


    • First get Denyce.
    • Then go kill Ted - you must kill or tame Snowflake. If you choose to tame Snowflake you must leave Denyce in the bathroom and take Snowflake back to the safe room as tigers can't go in cars.
    • Then once you are back in the Royal Flush after dealing with Snowflake, Lashwandra & Gordan will be there, save them too.
    • Then go back to the Yucatan and save Lenny - he is in the back room behind the help desk in the Yucatan.
    • Next mission should be "Welcome to the Family" with Jack and Kenneth.
    • And then 'Lush-ous Lady' with Kristin.
    • Finally you can save Randolph in the 'Art Appreciation' mission.
    • Finally, the location of the clown car (for me, anyway) was in the Uranus Zone next to the snack kiosk. For some it may be on the Silver Strip next to the wedding chapel. Get all 8 survivors in the car and net the achievement.

    - Get the leadership magazine from Rag Mags' second floor in Royal Flush Plaza.
    - Carry health to heal survivors.
    - Try not to hit the survivors, they may defect.
    - Don't just run ahead as the survivors can get constantly bitten by a zombie & lose most of their health.
    - Give the survivors weapons. They don't take combo weapons though.

  • Get a survivor drunk.


    To get a survivor drunk you have to give them 3 lots of alcohol. For example, with Denyce, the first survivor, rescue her and get her to join you, then go through to the Slot Ranch and go to the bar. Give her three alcoholic drinks (beer/wine/whiskey/vodka) and you'll get the achievement. This will also make her throw up.

  • Have a zombie slip in a puddle of vomit.


    Find 3 lots of alcohol (beer/wine/whiskey/vodka) - easily found in any of the casinos, in the bar area. Drink 2, walk up to a large group of zombies and then drink the third. This will prompt you to throw up, which will inevitably result in the group of zombies slipping in the vomit. Achievement unlocked.

  • Dress up completely in women's clothing.


    To do this you will need to dress Frank up in a women's dress, shoes and hat. It's easy to get this in the Palisades Mall as you come in from the Atlantica. Go up the escalator, go into the shop Que's Hats and put on a woman's hat. Then go next door to Brand New U and put on a woman's dress shoes and a summer dress. Boom!

  • Don't consume any meat, dairy or alcohol until the military arrives.


    Note: For some this has been glitchy. To make sure that this doesn't happen to you play through the campaign in single-player and do not go into Sandbox mode while you're playing through the game for this achievement, as some have reported drinking in Sandbox has affected the achievement, as well as co-op partners drinking alcohol has cost them the achievement.

    For this achievement orange juice is your best friend. You have to play though the campaign as you need the cut scene to appear at the end of the first 72 hours for the achievement to pop.


    - Always carry at least 4 orange juice, ideally half your inventory should be health.
    - Be a high level, the more inventory slots the easier this is.
    - Wear the ninja costume, it allows you to move through zombies with stealth.
    - You can consume any juice so have some quick step/ painkiller ready, especially during the fight with the Twins.
    - Only consume orange juice, fruit, soda and snacks, nothing else.

    You will get the achievement when the military arrives in Case 7-1.

  • Have Snowflake attack and damage a psychopath.


    To get this out of the way easily, in Story mode wait to tame Snowflake until you get the message 'People Like Us' in Fortune Park. Then tame Snowflake using the method in the "Raw Emotion" achievement guide description and then take him with you to go fight the psychopath.

  • Have Denyce attack and damage Sgt Boykin.


    Denyce is the first survivor you encounter and you have to keep her with you for the campaign until Case 7-2 when you fight Sgt Boykin to unlock this achievement.

    Try to be a high level when you do this and always carry lots of health. You should get the leadership magazine from Rag Mags on the second floor of the Royal Flush Plaza. Give Denyce the LMG - it is found in the Yucatan Casino in the elevated grassy area across from the tiger enclosure and next to the restaurant.

    Leave her outside of the area when you fight psychopaths during the story (i.e.. the Twins in Case 5-2). When you have to go to the roof of the Fortune City Hotel to fight TK, leave her in the Royal Flush Plaza bathroom. To get the mission done quickly mix 2 Quicksteps beforehand (wine + wine or coffee + coffee creamer) and try to beat TK quickly. Use the Protoman Arm Cannon against the helicopter if you have it unlocked as it is very effective. Once TK is defeated you will be teleported to the safe house, head out to the Royal Flush and heal Denyce.

    It will makes things easier if you don't fight many psychopaths during this playthrough. Try not to hit Denyce much either as she may defect. Save often too so if she does die or defect, you can reload the save. Good luck!

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