Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder Achievement in Dead Rising 2

  • Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder



    Kill 53,596 zombies.

  • How to unlock Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder

    Refer to "Zombie Genocide Master" for more information.

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  • Anybody know exactly why they picked the number 53,596 for this achievement? Seems like an oddly random number.
  • Okay, thats easy :) in 'Dead Rising' one there was this town called "Willamette" (i think not right spelled), This Town had a total population of 53,594 human. They all (nearly) turned into zombie's. So if you killed in Dead Rising 1 53,594 Zombies you get an Achievement called 'Zombie Genocider'. See: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/dead-rising/achievement/811-Zombie-Genocider.html Then there was the Game 'Left 4 Dead' were you must kill 53,595 Zombies for an Achievement - 'Zombie Genocidest' - a hommage (?) to the Old Dead Rising achievement. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/left-4-dead/achievement/21166-Zombie-Genocidest.html Then the Game '[Prototype]' took it to another Level: Kill 53,596 Infected. Achieveementname: 'Trail Of Corpses'. Dead Rising 2 wan
  • Dead Rising 2 wanted to put on up on it - as a running Gag. I think that they did not noted that Prototype has already 53,596 or they just didn't take those "Infected" as real Zombies so it don't count - i don't know. But clear is: Dead Rising: 53,594 Left 4 Dead: 53,595 [Prototype]: 53,596 Dead Rising 2: 53,596 Nice greetings from Germany! ---> Trail of Corpses (Prototype): http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/prototype/achievement/26625-Trail-Of-Corpses.html Source: me, a zombie killing fan
  • Wow, that's actually pretty interesting. Would have never noticed that myself. Thanks for the info.
  • No Problem :)
  • Ok its possible to get this achivement, a very long and boring process. If you like me and cant half the time connect, to TIR to get money for the SUV. Either finish game with bike key or get the bikes in a new game. Keep running in and out of Slots Casion, run over to the stage. Jump up on the left, grab chainsaw. Jump off hitting the wheely bin, as then you dont lose damage or drop chainsaw. Mod bike with chainsaw, and spend posssibly a day or two, riding around killing the zombies. Would be best to have both Bikes and SUV - i think if its poss to get 53,597 kills with bikes, this cld possibly be used toward 72000 with the SUV. Good luck, hope this helps some, if you have the patience to do above LOL.
  • Also forgot, did this without doing any missions, saving civs or giving zombrex to katey.
  • does this acheivment carry over?
  • Yep, all of these stupid grinding achievements just because Valve decided to 1-up Capcom and then Radical decided to 1-up Valve and then Blue Castle decided to tie Radical (or 1-up Valve as well without knowing that Prototype already did) and then they decided to go to 72,000 for some unknown reason. If a game puts in a "kill 72,001" achievement I am going to try my hardest to get that dev studio firebombed for keeping this shit up.
  • Lol... this is a coincedience
  • trying for this and the 72 k one atm :/ got the SUV so just driving upp and downnn then when it blows up go into another area and come back and do it agiannn and againn
  • how long on average does this take?? how many zombies should b killed in an hr.??
  • Okay okay... tell me whats going wrong : 1) Got the SUV key by getting the three gambling magazines and went to the enormous slot machine in the Americano Casino, got 4M$ in about half an hour. 2) I went to get the SUV key in the pawn shop right near the SUV on the Silver Strip, then started a new game (so as to have enough time to kill all the zombies for the achievement. 3) Kill, Kill, Kill ... etc. I did this by going around in the SUV, I made sure that it exploded near one of the two bikes so as to be able to go save. Once the game was saved i simply loaded the game that i just saved, which is kinda like changing areas, so the SUV is renewed, but it wastes less time. Right so I did all of that, the most efficient way of getting the achievement... except for the fact that now I se
  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • Hey do you guys know if the zombies you kill in Case Zero and Case West count towards this achievement?
  • I vote this as the best achievement name ever, although I woulda went with "Z-Genocider 2: Electric Boogaloo".
  • Hm. Currently I'm 20k, out of 53k. Still trying to go for this achievement, and I should have the game maxed out. A car really does help though. :D
  • If your tryin' to buy the SUV key and have trouble connecting to TIR, always save the poker players in the Atlantica Casino- they're an unmarked mission and they show up right after you beat Crystal and Amber. You have to play poker and beat them all before you can escort them, and the buy in of $100,000 is pretty steep. But you get $1,000,000 for your efforts!!
  • Hard Achievement.
  • Ok my kills didn't carry over wtf
  • this is a crap achivement. just no point 2 it.
  • "Killed 53,596 zombies. You left them all for dead!" Heh.

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