Vigilante Justice Achievement in Dead Rising 2

  • Vigilante Justice



    Defeat 5 psychopaths.

  • How to unlock Vigilante Justice

    See "Judge, Jury and Executioner" for more information.

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  • i need to know who the psychopaths are people or zombie
  • The psychopaths are specific people and in this game, an animal- the tiger snowflake. Go to the link to see the list of psychopaths:
  • if someone helps me killing 1 psychopaths i will help you get the wrong type of chopper achievement and the tape it or die, stick em up and masquerade achievements.
  • my gamertag is xXGXx ETReMe
  • anyone trying to 100% dr2 add me im trying to do it too and I have a mic. gt TrollOfTheGODJ

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