Fashion Plate Achievement

  • Fashion Plate



    Collect 100 different clothing items.

    Loot every piece of clothing you come across in the game, from shoes, to hats, to funny costumes. There are tons of clothing stores scattered throughout Los Perdidos, and your job is to simply tap near them to equip them. Once you have it on and the item has been saved to your safe house clothes closet (which you can use as an in-game tracker), you can tap again in the same spot to put on whatever you were wearing before.

  • So this achievement is just for having 100 items of clothing. There are well over 100 Items in this list. Ingleton Woman's Cashmere Sweater - found in the morgue just as you fall when your breaking in for the 1st time Female Business Outfit Skirt - Stripclub in the VIP Lounge Police Outfit Shirt - Stripclub in the VIP Lounge Go-Go Boots - On the Strip Club Stage Spec Op Outfit - When going to rescue Annie and the rest of the Illegals with Red. Choose to sneak in, there is a truck to the left of the base that you climb to sneak in, inside the back of the truck is the outfit. CAN ONLY BE GAINED ON THAT MISSION! Boxing Boots - Aduna Boxing Gym in the locker room Mexicain Wrestler Boots - Aduna Boxing Gym in the locker room Boxing Shorts - Aduna Boxing Gym in the l
  • Check out the link above.
  • This is a Video-guide of Dead Rising 3 with the location of every piece of clothing. The beginning it's in Spanish, but it's just an introduction I don't say anything relevant. The name of each piece of clothing is in English and Spanish. There is also a timeline in the description with a shortcut to every piece of clothing.
  • Thank god this wasnt ALL clothing like previous games

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