Man of the People Achievement

  • Man of the People



    Save 15 stranded survivors.

    As you cruise around the game you will spot survivors fighting off huge groups of zombies and you will be prompted to help them out by clearing out the zombies. They will usually appear directly in front of you, and a running-man icon with the range to their location and the survivor name will also pop up on the screen to tell you where they are. You will need to find and save at least 15 of these people for the achievement to pop. Most of the survivors are alone, however there are at least two three-person groups that spawn on the freeway in the very middle of the map through the duration of the game. There are far more than 15 survivors that appear, however you might as well free every one you come across if you have the few seconds to clear the area and get yourself some easy PP to level up.

  • stupid achievement. hated dead rising 2.
  • Easier to do in coop. If u wanna play in coop and get all achievements add me Filip36365. I'm a veteran of dr1 and 2 and I played dr3 on another account. Looking to get any and all cheevos in coop. Add me Filip36365
  • @1 haters gonna hate... For those not ignorantly trolling - you just have to clear the zombies around randomly encountered survivors, they run off on their own after that, you dont have to lead these people to safety

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