Help Wanted Achievement

  • Help Wanted



    Add 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board.

    As you progress through the game you will be tasked with completing side quests that will sometimes give you the option to add survivors to your survivor board to get them as followers. While looking at the side mission menu on the map screen, look to the right of the mission title to see if it has the survivor/running man icon, which means you can get one or more of the people involved in the mission as a follower. While doing these missions, make sure you pay attention because you can still complete the mission without talking to the person long enough to get them to follow you around. You are most likely to overlook survivors that are tied up or trap, which most likely occurs during the Psycho side missions, but keep your eyes open either way.

    Note that this only seems to work for the host in a co-op game.

  • What? This achievement description doesn't make sense.
  • McDurbin, just sounds like an error. "Add 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board", is what I believe it would say.
  • Basically all's you guys and girls have to do is save 5 survivors in one go and take them to a safe house.
  • #3, It's not that complex, all you have to do is save survivors at seperate times. Each time you save them, they get added to the survivor board. Do that 5 times and it pops
  • Every surviver you save gets added to the board which you find in the safe house add 5 of them to your party done
  • I've done this achievement but I have 1 slot still to fill on the board is this meant to be blank or have I missed some one. I've collected everything done all missions and side missions including the smartglass missions but still have a spare place left on the board seems odd to me but I can't find anyone else
  • and if they are listed as "dead" in the board would they be counted ?
  • No. They HAVE to be on your board. But it's very easy. You will do some quests because they reward you with a blueprint and PP. So you can't miss a thing.
  • Don't be surprised if it pops and you have less than 5 on the board...)... it must count from session to session (i.e. if you go back a chapter and re-rescue the same person) because recently I restarted a game back to chapter zero once I got to chapter 4 and realized there was no good way to win... and this achievement popped when I added the 4th person on the board during the 2nd play thru... it must have been counting somebody from an earlier play thru...

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