Driven Achievement

  • Driven



    Drive 20 different vehicles.

    In the same fashion as weapons, you will want to hop into every vehicle you come across to get it sent to your garage for future use, or for combos. Vehicles include everything from taxis, to vans and suvs, to muscle cars and motorcycles to generic sedans.. of course there's a street sweeper and fireworks van too!

    See "Master Mechanic" for the combo vehicle list:

    • Forklift (Almuda)
    • Street Cleaner (Central City)
    • Steamroller
    • Backhoe Loader
    • Sports Bike
    • Motorcycle
    • SUV
    • Muscle Car
    • Sedan
    • Sports Car (Sunset Hills, Central City)
    • Police Car (Central City Police Station Parking Garage)
    • Hearse (Ingleton)
    • Low Rider (Almuda)
    • Taxi
    • Sedan [Student Driver] (Almuda)
    • Van
    • Fireworks Van (Almuda)
    • Ambulance (SE Central City)
    • Party Van (SE Sunset Hills)
  • For this, all you have to do is jump into the vehicle and then jump straight back out. It will register that you have 'driven' the vehicle, and it will be stored in your garage for future use

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