Zombie Killer Achievement

  • Zombie Killer



    Kill 100 zombies.

    This should be your very first achievement, and will unlock shortly before or after entering the diner and meeting Rhonda and Dick at the beginning of the game.

  • I have well over 100 zombie kills but this achievement never popped, and the percentage for it is at 0. Anyone know what to do?
  • i guess me and this guy are the only ones with this issue......
  • Same here guys.Bought the Apocalypse edition and im suffering from the same issue!
  • Yup. Same here: Over 100 kills, no achievement.
  • Same here, i have the apocalypse edition
  • I've experiencing the same issue. Is there a workaround for this or do you have to exceed the requirements or something?
  • This achievement didn't unlock for me until about 400 kills total. Hopefully the higher kill-related achievements pop when they're supposed to.
  • I got the apocalypse edition and have the same issue. I've got over 100 kills I made it to the diner but nothing popped. Hopefully they patch or fix it or something.. It installed as dr3 not Dr3 apocalypse It's weird it installed as dr3

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