Master of Massacre Achievement

  • Master of Massacre



    Kill 53,597 zombies.

    See "Left 100,004 Dead."

  • I like how this still goes on :D But somehow L4D2 should have added that "Kill 53,596 zombies" achievement to their list, and not DR2. Anyways, nice one!
  • This might be really easy with all the drivable cars
  • i was expecting alot more kills tbh...DR OTR had 102k kills and this map is suppost to be 3 times bigger than other dead risings put together... @2 i watched the 1 hour footage off someone randomly playin and he only had a little over 1000 kills i think because its so open (the map) the density isnt too good :( either way ill be smashin some zombies up rolling them over oh i cant wait :D
  • theres one for 100004 kills
  • They have them ordered differently, but Sabia's right...there's an achievement for 100,004 kills called "left 100,004 Dead".
  • This one might be a bit glitchy, it popped for me after about 50,800 kills.
  • check out this video for the best method to rack up kills
  • Another grind fest yay. -_- oh well it will probably be fun esp with the motorcycle roller vehicle (the name escapes me) you can make unlike dead rising 2.
  • Anybody else have their zombie counts off by like 20k from what smart glass app has it ate.

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