Wrathful Achievement

  • Wrathful



    Defeat Zhi.

    This crazy martial arts wanna-be is the first Psycho you will come across, and you'll get a notification that he's around very shortly after reaching Rhonda's Garage (Garden of Peace mission). I recommend either grabbing a bit of food or boosting your health once or twice to make life easier, and you'll also want a medium-long range weapon because he uses a spear which can make close melee combat a bit difficult. The best bet, and the method I used, is to grab the Dragon Punch plans in the nearby dojo and use the motorcycle engine + boxing gloves to craft them prior to starting the fight. Once the fight starts, rotate and to do a dashing punch and then a vertical spin punch when the dash draws you close enough to him. Continue using the spin punch until he backs away, or keep rotating the two since the dash attack has a pretty high chance of staggering him. Overall, he's not too complicated, since he's pretty much just a straight up melee fight (or shoot him a lot fight).

    Looking back, there are actually a number of handguns and shotguns laying around, but it's really fun to punch him with spikey fists. Either way, be sure to pick up the key he drops, and the Guan Dao as well.

  • Don't forget after you defeat Zhi he drops a key that unlocks the storage room of his Happy Good Mart which is right behind where you fight, inside there is a Frank Statue. If you go back and replay chapters later on it does not retain the keys you collected earlier, it has to be in the same play through.
  • Does anyone know what chapter this is in? I missed it and will have to go back to complete?
  • @2 its right at the beginning of the game, very first psycho battle
  • I realy liked this mission
  • lol oh yeh i totally forgot the keys
  • I had a rather cheap way of beating him. I had that spray paint chick with me armed with an Assault Rifle. She pretty much did all the grunt work for me while I distracted him enough.

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