Lusty Achievement

  • Lusty



    Defeat Dylan.

    You'll get the mission for Dylan (Play Time) shortly after dealing with Darlene, and this time around you need to be alone, which means you'll have to lose your followers. If you're going straight to the mission, you can easily do this by just hopping on a motorcycle and riding off, and they'll be sent back to the safe house in a few seconds. The fight is very straight forward, and I would recommend two to three guns depending on your skill with ranged weapons and the amount of ammo they carry (I used an LMG and most of a Sgt's Pistol). Dylan will focus on damaging his two play pals with his fiery wiener, meaning you need to simply out damage him with whatever weapons you have - since he sort of fans his fire around, it's simply safer and easier to be at range, though melee is possible as well. He will launch fireballs at you from time to time that do rather minimal damage, so there isn't too much to worry about when this fight will only take about a minute to complete.

  • Just beat this. WTF.
  • when does it register? I beat Darlene, now I'm just exploring...
  • it says beat Dylan, not darlene....
  • i was expecting some crazy sexy woman from what the name of this achievement was. but my hopes were dashed when i saw...him x_x.
  • why cant I get into the room, I am pressing B to open but nothing happens
  • Mine didn't pop?
  • guys this quest pops at the start of CHP 4, not 3 :)
  • This guys Weapon was hysterical

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