Slothful Achievement

  • Slothful



    Defeat Theodore.

    Once you reach chapter five you'll have time to explore as usual and soon enough you'll be offered the mission "Remotely Helpful," which sends you off to the NE part of Sunset Hills to deal with the Mayor's son, and your next Psycho nemesis, Sloth. If you've been keeping up with your side quests you may know that he has the key to the Central City Police Department's armory, so between that and this achievement, killing him is pretty rewarding.

    This fight is considerably different from other boss fights thus far because you never actually fight him, but instead you must destroy security power boxes throughout the house while dealing with his RC helicopter drones that will be following you around and shooting at you. I highly recommend bringing at least one follower with a gun (preferrably Assault Rifle), and they will deal with drones with their auto-aim while you run around the house blowing up the security system. Once the security system is down, head into the basement and the "fight" is over.

  • I take it this is the one when you get the armory key when you defeat him? What chapter and when is the best time to get the call for this boss because i only have 1 "Tragic Ending" still to go and i thinks it's in the armory. I have defeated him before but i won't get the call again, i keep on getting the XXX club and the yacht calls.
  • just complete every call you get during the game, you'll get it eventually. Also its too insulting to call this a boss fight. Its just too...easy. Even the guy's death is...blah. And yea this guy gives the key to the armory in the place station where you will find a tragic ending inside.

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