Gluttonous Achievement

  • Gluttonous



    Defeat Darlene.

    Near the end of chapter three you'll get a side mission called All You Can Eat, which will send you back to Inglewood. Stock up on whatever weapons you want, bring some followers too, and head to the buffet for a relatively easy fight. Darlene will troll around the room on her scooter, trying to charge you and stab your with her fork primarily, and she will also go devour food to recover her health. While she is doing this, you will get a prompt to start whacking her, which will then make her spin around in circles for a few seconds, allowing you to unload on her with your best weapons. This process will continue about three times, depending on how much she manages to heal during her eating phase.

  • well that was disgusting..
  • Out of all the games I've played, by far the most disgusting and disturbing. Bleh.
  • i was expecting a giant fat guy bulging at the seams wielding a meat cleaver and eating someone's arm or leg. A fat lady riding a mo-pad and killing with a large fork i did not see coming.
  • I think I've seen this lady at Walmart...
  • I never got this quest.

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