Envious Achievement

  • Envious



    Defeat the envious survivor.

    This will most likely be the first thing you do after entering chapter seven. A certain student of sorts has decided it is time for the learner to replace the master, and he has kidnapped a woman to help prove it. He has quite a bit of hit points, but he is also rather easily stunned by melee attacks allowing multiple hit combos to quickly chip away at his health. You can also choose to combo a weapon during combat to distract him, but I didn't find it necessary with my follower there helping me out a bit. The achievement will pop no matter what you decide to do with him after the fight.

  • I'm having issues getting the quest for this psycho to pop. When I first played through the game, I automatically got the call for the quest at the start of chapter 7. I wanted to finish the story, so I didn't do it during that playthrough. After I finished the main story missions, I reset my game to chapter 7 with intentions of doing this mission; however, no phone call ever came. I played all the way through the chapter... no phone call. I know that this psycho is Kenny, who is a survivor that you help during a previous mission (which I DID do during my first playthrough when the mission popped the first time). However, I read online that the mission to fight him on the yacht will pop whether or not you helped him earlier in the game. Perhaps this isn't true, after all? Did anybody else
  • Looks like my post got cut off for some reason. I meant to ask, did anybody else have issues with this mission? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • had the same problem. haven't found an answer yet
  • This same thing happened to me. While I did beat him in my original play through, I didn't grab the tragic ending ending on the yacht and it's the last one I need. When I replay the chapter the mission doesn't come up. I guess I'll just have to hit it on my nightmare play through.
  • This game is such crap in so many ways. This being one of them. I NEVER had this mission pop up. I finished the game and got the S ending. I DID help that character earlier in the game. I have went back and replayed chapter 7 again and done all of the side mission I was called about and it again, did NOT pop up. This game has so many of these small issues. The game sees I have beat the psycho in the sex shop...yet it has the need to relock the doors so I can't go back in and get the collectable. Of course I could go back and replay that chapter with that psycho, but who knows it I will even get the call about them? Might as well flag this as a glitched achievement as far as I am concerned. There is no reason for this crap...just have one psycho on each chapter and have t
  • Same issue. Didnt get the call the second time through. Lame
  • I had the opposite happen to me I never helped Kenny and I still got the call for him if anyone wants help killing him add me
  • Also getting the problem wish they would hurry up and fix this
  • To be able to get this call for this boss u have do a side quest can't remember what it's call but u have to help some nerdy guy and fight zombies with your fist and built a combo weapon and then when u hit the last chapter u will get a call about the boss
  • i got this guy just fine. my advice is to just complete every call you get. that may help.
  • You'll get the call regardless of whether or not you do his mission earler on. My 2nd play through I was just finishing collectables and ignored side quests, but still got the psycho mission. Suggestion - If you're having trouble getting the call when you load chapter 7, try loading chapter 6 first and play through to 7.
  • what's wrong with this achievement !!!
  • Beat him. Cheevo did not pop though. It says I dont HAVE to kill him. (Which I did not)
  • ok, this is the side mission that tells u to investigate the Yacht. I got this message numerous times each time I played the game. I finished the game so I went back to find collectibles etc. Once I got the call again to investigate the Yacht, I did..I beat the nerd but didn't kill him..as soon as I beat him though, I got the achievement.

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