Be a Dick! Achievement

  • Be a Dick!



    Join a Co-op game.

    In Dead Rising 3, you have the ability to join another player's game, whether it's your friend's or someone else's. Jumping in and out is as simple as pressing a button, and both players are able to free roam before and after the co-op stuff happens.

    Note that co-op has been known to cause issues with people collecting blueprints for the achievements by not properly giving credit to the player.

  • Nice title lol
  • ^ Agreed ^
  • The other player n DR3 is actually called Dick btw
  • Yeah we know, #3, thanks.
  • What a title for an achievement. LOL!!!
  • Would be a beautiful 1st achievement on new console
  • I'm looking to get this achievement out of the way considering it's the only online achievement in the game. Message me if you are interested, it shouldn't take long considering all you have to do is join
  • No you be a dick
  • Simply the best achievement ever.
  • If anyone wants to play this game coop add me. Gt: Filip36365
  • Looking for coop partner for Nightmare speed run tomorrow (11/27). GT: Gotham Rises
  • I'm willing to play co-op, GT: xDeathFMx :)
  • @9 no best achievement has always been on darkest of days Horse Puncher - Punch a Horse in the face kiling it. best achievement picture as well
  • i disagree, best cheevo name is bell end on bulletstorm! hilerious!
  • If you aren't willing to wait for someone to accept your friend request and for them to be online to join with them you can choose online and it asks you if you want to load your latest save whilst it searched for other players. This means you can still do whatever it was you were doing previously whether it be mission or collecting blueprints and after about half an hour it finds someone, loads that game up and pop the achievement comes up.
  • #6 it was lol! I just got home on black Friday with my brand new xbox, and dead rising 3,went strait to multi player then bam, Be a Dick lol
  • My XBL name is Werepuffin. I literally just got this game and I have played for 5 mins. Add me and I'll be happy to help you get any DR3 Chivos and Vice Versa.
  • Anyone wanna join for a game?? GT westchelmaidz
  • Any Body wants to help me out on this game i want to run through this and get as many achievements as possible please thanx
  • GT: is crazydiagram294 I'm willin to return the favor the same way
  • I am having zero luck finding a game to join. Send me an invite if you are looking for this achievement. GT: Neditch
  • This took me far too long considering what you have to do :(
  • Anyone still playing this? Feel free to send me an invite. GT: MCutshaw0723
  • Does this work if someone joins your game, or do you have to be the one joining so you're playing as Dick?
  • You have to be the one joining.
  • looking for co-op partner, gt Trickaaa
  • If anyone wanna complete the game CO-OP+ do as many achivements as possible, feel free to send me a message in-game. ( Xbox One) GT--> Voosj
  • Looking for a game to join. GT is bebedactyl
  • Just started playing this month. If anyone is still playing and need a coop partner GT: WeAreLegion661.
  • Want this achiv, add me and tell me if you want to do this. GT : Albus Dougldore
  • trying to get this achievement done, but cant find another online game. add me if you still need to get this cheevo. reaper8485... make sure and send a message with DR3 cheevo.
  • Still need this one, can somebody help me out? I know it's strange for a girl to ask to be a dick but hé :-) GT Nekrav Killer
  • Got it thanks to Ubertracker :-)
  • Could someone invite me to "be a Dick"? GT: EvilElvis27
  • Got it thanks to VariousAbyss1 Joining a friends game is really messed up. Here's the way that worked for us as posted on gamefaqs: "Invite the person you want to play with to a party. Both of you get on DR 3. Whoever decides to host the game, start it up, and in the pause menu you get an Invite Party to Game option"
  • Can anybody help me with the "be a dick" achievement? GT: ThaBonnet
  • Somebody add me if you want to do this achievement GT: InfernoFlame86
  • This is my last achievement for this game so if anyone could help me get it, I'd be very grateful!:) Send me a message on the Xbox saying that you would like to do it.:) GamerTag: RizzleAbbey
  • Would anyone be able to help me with this achievement? I'm on most evenings and on the weekends. UK time. Message - HeyMikeyyy
  • Looking for people to do this game with online, hit me up at DEATHSTRIDER16 if you are interested
  • This is the last achievement I need. Just send me a message if somebody is interested to get it too. GT: CKY Kraid
  • Hi there. I need help with this one (basically because there's not people at all playing this) If anyone is interested i could help with Nightmare Master achievement and also hosting Be a Dick. My gt is STARS Nightmare. Send me a msg and ill answer asap.
  • GT: StereoTactic I also need this one and willing to help others get theirs.
  • Need someone to spam this with as not is playing this anymore. GT:Sheriffd3th just message me Dr3 or be a dick
  • if anyone wants help with this one just send me a message gt jersey boy85
  • Need this, GT is GuffStuff
  • Looking to do this hit me up if needed my gt is troyjanman21
  • Need this. GT ISOLEAN
  • I'm also looking for people to help me out with this achievement, just send me a message on Xbox, thanks! GT: Creative864
  • Need this one Message me GT: JamesW
  • Looking for people to complete this with. Add - heyitsmikeyyy - I'm online evenings and weekends. UK
  • Looking to do this. Send me a message if interested. GT: Lemonhead8
  • need this too, feel free to add me and join my game.
  • Looking to get this and all other online achievements. Add - notatypicalhero

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