Master Mechanic Achievement

  • Master Mechanic



    Create every combo vehicle.

    There are a total of 11 combo vehicles, many of which are unlocked via the story, one from skills (Mobile Locker) and the remaining are found in the open world alongside the weapon blueprints. For whatever reason this unlocks after creating 10 out of the apparent 11 combo vehicles.

    • Mobile Locker - Van + Van
    • Junk Car - Sedan + Muscle Car, Sedan + Sedan, Sedan + Forklift
    • Turret Rig - Steamroller + Sedan
    • Mini Bike - Motorcycle + Sports Bike, Motorcycle + Forklift
    • Forkwork - Forklift + Fireworks Van
    • Rollerhawg - Motorcycle + Steamroller
    • Junk Truck - Van + SUV
    • Party Slapper - Street Cleaner + Party Van
    • Junk Bike - Motorcycle + Sedan, Motorcycle + Van
    • Shockdozer - Backhoe Loader + Ambulance, Steamroller + Van
  • Ignore that first post, no idea what happened. Has anyone had any luck finding the 11th vehicle blueprint. Ive finished normal, nightmare, both on s and failed the ending, trying a couple more things for end game unlocks but other than that is it maybe hidden in world or something?
  • Scratch that, apparently the 11th isn't in/needed just wasn't unlocking. Had to remake all the vehicles again and again. Well keep that in mind guys.
  • If I don't unlock the mobile locker when I get to level 50 can I still get this ?
  • I only had to make the mobile locker for this achievement, #4 You should still be able to get it before level 50
  • But the mobile locker is on the list of the 10 vehicles you need to make ?
  • for anybody stuck, go to chapter 8.... go straight to the garage/ car repair centre and take out 2 vans... drive right up to the other one and the option should be there.... i was level 50 when I done this but I dunno if you have to be to do it
  • I have all 10 blueprints and have made each vehicle multiple times including the Mobile Locker, but this achievement will still not pop. Has anyone else had this happen or have a solution?
  • #3 Blueprint 11 is a promotional Mountain Dew vehicle and is not needed for the achievement, in the latest title update they changed the total to 10 and it then goes to 11 if you redeem the Mountain Dew vehicle.
  • Need to be lvl 50 to unlock the mobile locker, which will most likely be the last one you'll need

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