Left 100,004 Dead Achievement

  • Left 100,004 Dead



    Kill 100,004 zombies.

    This can be considerably easier than the kill achievements in the previous games as you have access to some pretty extreme vehicles, such as the Rollerhawg. The frustrating part comes with getting around as the game progresses due to the ever-increasing number of roadblocks, however cruising around Ingleton, which is probably the fastest and simplest place to farm, is still reasonably easy (just watch for randomly spawning propane tanks and gas cans. You will also want to maximize the mechanic skill for invulnerable vehicles (that can still flow over and then blow up, or blow up if you get off of them).

  • That's gonna take some time, but i guess it'll be easier than the last cheevos, because in DR3 there are more zombies and more vehicles... so can kill them faster and Yaaahaw! :d
  • You are right DragonDarknesx because I played DR3 at one of the xbox tours and in 15 minutes I killed over 1,500 zombies.
  • awesome reference in the achievement name
  • Nice Left 4 Dead reference
  • Good to see the zombie kill count war between DR and L4D is still going.
  • Nice one! I Love it
  • gay. game is bad enough for achievements and they come up with this garbage? Besides I'm not wasting my time with this horrible series. I hated dead rising 2. good thing i didn't spend a dime on that mediocre game. no wonder it was free for gold members. HORRIBLE!
  • @7 Glad you felt the need to tell everyone. Go to PS4.
  • Nope. I don't like PS4. I'm getting the Xbox One but Dead Rising is OFF my list of games. I wish I could get rid of Dead Rising 2 from my achievement games. I don't Want it. HORRIBLE game. Gosh I hate it so much.
  • @9 Well if you hated Dead Rising 2, then how the fuck was Dead Rising 3 on your list of games in the first place?
  • i seen a video online the other dy of a guy who had been playing for a 3 hours and had nearly 40,000 kills so hopefully wont take too long, looking to get alot of these hopefully on multiplayer, if anyone is interested and has a headset ect add me TOGA TOM
  • @7 no wonder it was free for gold members... by that logic halo3 was horrible too? one of the best xbox games of all time? good thinking kiddo. and as for not wasting time on the series, you've already wasted time talking about it online at least twice ;)
  • Achievement Unlocked
  • @12 . I actually enjoyed Halo 3, the story was great but the Multiplayer was terrible, especially the weapons. Halo Reach was the first halo game I played and loved it. Both story and multiplayer were amazing.
  • Sadly, This only 1/3 of the actual zombies you need to kill for all achievements. Prestige Hound requires around 350,000 to get enough to finish the PP Trials.
  • #7 should cry to people who aren't fans! You either suck and can't score achievements or can't afford a XBox ONE? Either way cry elsewhere!
  • & #12, dumbest shit I've ever read!
  • This Game rules and I think the kills stack? Awesome
  • More than likely is but, do you need all 100,004 kills in one play through???
  • @19 no, your kills stack so you can play storymode and start again if you want. I switched to nightmare mode after normal story mode and the kills even transfered
  • @17 my hypothetical question is the dumbest shit you've ever read? lmao. you must not go on the internet very much. also, this cheevo is easy. it stacks and youll get it before you finish everything else for sure. going for all PP trials alone will give you a sizeable amount. I beat the game on story and nightmare and am already at 80k+. this is one achievement nobody should worry about at all
  • @Oswaldo - If you hate the series so much, why are you even in its achievement list?
  • Best place to rack kills (imo) is the start of chapter 8. Go to ingleton but don't launch the cut scene. The game time stays at 101 am, so you basically have infinite rime. Driving around in the rollerhog I get about 750 kills per second. I do have indestructible vehicles activated too. You can also level up fast with the spilt shot.
  • 750 kills per minute, not second
  • the split shot gets you an insane amount of kills quickly. I have gotten a 1,000 combo easy laster in the game byt carrying 3 of those in a populated area. This will be easy. Pretty much all I have left is kill zombies and PP trials. Loved the games....also loved DR1 and DR2 was good. Im a fan of the whole series.
  • Can't wait to mow dem zombies down when I get round to playing
  • Not only do the kills transfer, but they stack onto your total even if you don't save the game. For instance, i played my nightmare playthrough without saving and killed like 10,000 zombies. Then when I went back to my regular playthrough, the achievement popped at about 90,000 kills. Note that if you don't save the game, the kills won't count towards the PP trials however.
  • I found another easy way to rack kills is using the Ultimate Shout. Easily the most destructive thing I've used in the game, Like the jazz hands but last longer.
  • ***HEADS UP- for anyone going for 100% this is by far the least of your worries as far as kills go. im just finishing the PP trials and the killing trials don't trigger til after the previous is completed. example- kill 5,000... then kill 10,000. in reality you've now killed 15,000. anyways point is, youll need to kill roughly 345,000 zombies to finish the trials. and personally I find the jazz hands and the elemental staff to be the fastest kills. also if you finish the game and get to chapter 8 but never actually go to the roof to start the mission you have infinite time and the most possible zombies spawn too. hope this helps
  • Some good tips here. Thanks. -Rollerhawg -Jazz Hands -Elemental Staff -Use these in the Ingleton area, in Chapter 8, and don't go to the roof to have unlimited time.
  • check out this video for the best method to rack up kills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1620uV4sBIE
  • This one popped for me about 1,000 kills early after the previous one popped late.
  • Does kill count restart after finishing the campaign ??
  • The kill count continues to stack through multiple play throughs, across normal and nightmare mode. You even keep your kill count if you reset your game (happened to me before the patch fixed the glitch that caused it)
  • A good method in doing this is by completing the campaign, then going into chapter select and combo create a rollerhawg etc. and go in a rotative motion of the area you are in first ( Where you go to the first garage with Rhonda )
  • Sorry didn't describe that well atall. Basically after completing the campaign go into chapter select and select Chapter 8. Once you do that go the Ingleton (First area where you begin the campaign) and go to the garage and create a combo vehicle such as the Roller Hawg or Turret Rig etc. and start going in a rotative route around the Ingleton area (Zombies respawn once you reach the other side of Ingleton). This method should take around 2+ hours if you are starting off or completed the game with not that much kills.
  • ultimate shout baby
  • Ultimate Shout and Jazz Hands = easy achievement
  • Gotta love the reference ;)
  • Split Shot all the way!!!
  • @9: Thanks for letting us know you have shitty taste in games.
  • IMO,this is best dead rising to date,i'm nearly 30hrs in and i still haven't touched the dlc.
  • I somewhat strangely needed another ~1,800 kills. I guess restarting one of the chapters when it glitched out meant some of my kills weren't tracked, even though the main counter stayed the same.
  • Ii've killed 104,040 and it still hasnt popped for me!!! Wtf? :(
  • Achievement popped at 97k kills XD now to get the last 2 PP e.e
  • It didn't unlock for me at first (for example the 72.000 kills unlocked when I had 79.000 kills). Same thing for the 100k kills: You can trigger the achievement by getting off your car/bike and just shoot them damn zombies with GUNS. Somehow that is getting progressed easier and will result in you getting your much-deserved achievement almost immediately :)
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