Prestige Hound Achievement

  • Prestige Hound



    Complete all PP Trials.

    PP trials are challenge-type tasks that keep track of how many locations you've visited or enemies you've killed, depending on the trial. Some of them are unlocked right off the bat, while others unlock as you reach a certain point in the story or obtain the necessary weapon or vehicle. You will occasionally get progress pop-ups on screen as you complete the trials, and the trials themselves can be found under the "player" portion of the menus. There are generally far too many trials to complete in a single playthrough without extra effort, luckily they carry over between playthroughs, and Chapter select, allowing you to complete them at your leisure post-game along with your other achievements.

    Check out my PP Trials list in posts 7 and 8 of my achievement guide (or scroll down if you're already here!) for tips on how to tackle the trickier ones.

  • A set of Prestige Trials will require you to kill around 340k - 350k Zombies, so prepare for a grind.
  • Does anyone know if the pp and leveling carries over to your subsequent playthroughs?
  • @2 yap it does. I'm right now on my third run and do this and the left 100,004 dead one :d
  • Has anyone completed all these challenges, my last challenge was to kill 72,000 zombies now once that challenge was completed the next one is to kill 200,000 zombies...... I have completed all the other PP challenges thinking that the 72,000 was the last one. Looking at the leader boards I don't think anyone has completed these.
  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure Capcom have screwed up with these slightly. The achievements for number of kills trigger cumulatively, but the trials don't....That can't be deliberate.
  • yea, the trials counter is really messed up for me
  • i've noticed alot of people are having problems with the food combo PP Trial, i've uploaded a quick and easy way of completing the trial on my youtube channel, if you need help getting it, check out the video right here.
  • ***friendly tip. ive been grinding out the kills now since its my last trial to complete. and yes so far I know youll need roughly 345,000 kills. but this is useful, complete the story and reach chapter 8... but do NOT go to the rooftop to trigger the mission. this way you have infinite time to get kills, or do anything else you need, with the most zombies spawned too. its nighttime and the streets are swamped with walkers. I find that the vehicles make it very easy but jazz hands and elemental staff are good for racking up kills very quickly. hope this helps
  • can anyone help….i am trying to get into a house in the middle of sunset hills …it's called Merle's Place…it has the last blueprint and i can't get in the house can anyone help???
  • I think each of these need to be completed within a single playthrough - meaning do not select a new game+ of any type while working towards a given trial. I've had trials reset this way and it may be why some are having counter / completion issues. For example, the 32K zombie kill trial stopped registering zombie kills for me and it was only after playing a few games with friends and then again in my own single player that I realized it eventually picked back up... near the end of a full game run in Nightmare mode. Now, I have the achievement for "100,004 Left for Dead" so I've clearly killed well over 32K zombies. The only reason I could come up with after playing this long is that PP trials need to be fully fleshed out (yes, pun) in a single game or at least before you chapter sel
  • ...least before you chapter select, new game, etc. To test it, I made 14 (of 50) or so IEDs then jumped out to select a new game+ at chapter 0. When the game started up I immediately checked my trial count and it was back to 0. To be thoroughly honest, I have not tried chapter selecting forward in the same run to test this theory - only backward to gain time. Forward would potentially be "the same run through" but since I only have the trial achievement left and need to gain time I haven't jumped 'ahead.' Thanks to #8 West57X, I will now play through until CH. 8 and then complete everything at that point without having to jump back in time any more! :) Hope that helps anyone having trial counter issues. Wild J
  • anyone know how many trials there are total?
  • does anyone know if the pp challenge counts reset or "go back in time" if you select a prior chapter? i'm almost done grinding everything else except the hand 2 hand junk and these chp 8 z's are a PITA to deal with.
  • @13, the best I can tell is that if you jump back in time before finishing a run through, you will lose progress(not tested, just what I've read elsewhere) but I know for a fact that if you finish the game first then just use chapter select afterwards, it saves all your progress. I've done this myself, so I know it works. I think it's because prior to finishing the game, chapter select is just that and acts like a reload, but after the game I think it counts as a new run through, so it records your progress.
  • check out this video for help with all 'kill x zombies' PP trials:
  • and this one for a quick, easy method to completing all 'make 50 weapon' PP trials:
  • I have done all 60 Trials including having killed over 350,000 Zombies and no achievement unlocked... which sucks!
  • The crafting 50 of each weapon is a pain in the arse but quickest way I've found is load chapter 4 craft 4 of a particular weapon save the game then reload chapter 4 and repeat its a ball ache but I'd like to know if there is an easier way
  • @18, is that faster than just camping in a safe house because that's all I did, stayed in one safe house and spammed the weapons every time the locker refilled. I just threw something on my laptop to watch and was fine that way. Would have loved a faster method though.
  • If anyone wants to play co-op message me Gt: Afropixel
  • All I need to do now is kill 200k zombies to complete the trials... and that's probably going to take me forever because that's a lot of fuggin' zombies.
  • #17 - there are a total of 61 PP trials. You are missing one. that's why the cheevo isn't unlocking for you.
  • Jazz Hands at night in Ingleton is the best way to reach the 200K goal. Start at the safehouse at the top of the city. Go out and go right. Work your way all the way down that way and take a left. Go all the way down and take a left to go by Big Bucks and the gun store. Then, back up to the safe house to make more Jazz Hands. This should net you around 2500 kills at night per run.
  • 340,800 is the total number of Zombies killed for the PP trial.
  • If anyone needs help add me. GT: Lenneau
  • This is absolutely ridiculous. It must not be on purpose that they made all the kill trials reset after doing one of them. I love this game and it is fun but why do they always have to make us do such tedious and boring shit, I'd play regardless. It's completely unnecessary.
  • ...speaking of the Beer Hat Glitch for the "Prestige Hound" Achievement ( if you've had it happen to you ie: your Nick is completely maxed out, level 50, all upgrades, everything, though your Beer Hat/Drink Cart Blueprint aren't in your Blueprint list even though you bought the Smarts ) Basically, there is nothing you can do ( without starting a new save ) so, - SPAM @XboxSupport, @XboxSupport1, @XboxSupport2, @Xbox, @CapcomVancouver, @majornelson hourly, daily, as much as you want without annoying your followers. - hastag #DR3 or #DeadRising3, mention Beer Hat Glitch and FIX IT!!!! Apparently if Xbox Support have a log of complaints, they can do something about it quicker ( cos Capcom Vancouver are idiots )
  • When i maxed out the mechanic stat the food combo stop counting. Im stuck att 20 and i dont know how to fix it. It sucks
  • I had a friend that I co op the game with and he experienced the same thing with the beer helmet. What might help is not starting the game until it is 100% installed. I did and didn't have any problems at all with the PP trials. Hope this helps
  • If you have the patience, here's a way you can grind out the 340,000 kills. Chapter select chapter 3 (you start off in the strip club). Go out the door, get in a car, and drive around the corner to the first safe house you encounter if you follow the story line. Create two massive bombs. Throw one to the right of the motel and one over the downed helicopter in front of the motel. Doing so should net you about a thousand each time. It is time consuming, but it's easy and less work than using the jazz hands or the DLC machine gun. Rinse and repeat for 340 times. (Although it should be about 280 times assuming you've killed at least a few zombies to get to the point that you have the massive bomb). When you restart the chapter you don't have to wait out the period of time that lets you spawn
  • This achievement was a pain :c
  • I have only 16 PP challenges left, I should get them done by tomorrow night
  • @28 i'm in the same place my combo food stat is stuck at 17, not sure exactly when it stuck but it's been a while. I will say to everyone to remember to save alot, i just lost nearly an hours worth of grinding the unarmed pp trials by stupidly restarting a chapter without saving.
  • Finished this one off yesterday. ;) Racked up 260,000 kills in two days using the hog method. Should only take four to five hours if you're starting around 80,000.
  • I'm in the same position as others here, the pressure cooker challenge isn't going up and I'm maxed out at level 50. Might complete the rest of the challenges and see if it pops
  • My character is at lv. 50 with everything maxed out, and I am a victim of the beer hat glitch. Before resetting my entire progress to start fresh and try to get this blueprint, I intend to do all other achievements. So lets suppose I have only the beer hat PP trial left for the achievement. Once I reset my save all PP trials will be reset as well, I know. But does anyone know (or guess) if doing only the remaining PP trial will pop the achievement? I would imagine so because regardless of your save the Xbox One would keep track of the achievements in progress wouldn't it??
  • There are 61 pp trials, you can switch chapters as long as you save which comes in handy to make 50x trials. Something I noticed if you don't have the blueprint for something it won't show the trial kill x amount of zombies with (insert weapon here) so if you are stuck at 60 pp trials done and can't figure out what's left chances are your missing a blueprint. Hope this helps some people.
  • #37 ok, so let's say I'm stuck at 60 PP trials completed, being the last one related to a specific blueprint I am missing. If I completely reset my game in order to try and get the glitched blueprint, is it possible by any chances that the achievement pops if I complete only the remaining PP trial (since the other 60 will be reset)?? I know that a full reset makes the game lose all the PP trials' progress, but shouldn't the achievement system on Xbox One keep track of your progress for the achievements regardless of savegames??
  • Seems risky. Must be a better way. Do you have an idea which 1 is glitching for you?
  • #38 yes I know. It's the beer hat trial. Although my character is at lv. 50 and fully maxed out, I don't have the beer hat blueprint. For some reason that did not prevent me from getting the achievement of making every combo weapon though..
  • For anyone having a problem with Pressure Cooker its not glitched I completed it 3-19-14 load up chapter 4 turn around and run up the stairs. Hope the railing into the little back area with a garden and food crates, Make a randomizer FROM THE GARDEN 'Randomizer any 3 foods' then add all the food into that 1 randomizer. If this does NOT work for you send me a message on xbox live DougTheJoker
  • I just finished the 200000 kills yesterday which was my last pp trial, and the achievement will not pop...had anyone else has this happen? I have every other achievement including dlc completed, I have 61 pp trials checked, all blueprints etc. It sucks so bad after grinding all those kills to not get the achievement. As far as I can tell I'm not missing anything.
  • Hey guys, this is the route I'm taking to rack up my zombie kills: If there's a quicker way please let me know.
  • Only Achievements left other than dlc :(
  • Any of the DLC worth downloading?
  • 200 fcking thousand!!!!! are those idiots insane? i just completed the 72k was waiting for achieve to pop up... but nothing ... wen't to go see the pp challenges, and i found out that i have to grind even more >_< those 72k annoyed me already now 200k >_< omfg.
  • ok so adding up the challenges the exact amount you need comes to 340594 (not sure if killing humans counts).. dont look at the pp challenges for how many you need, just concentrate on getting 341k kills
  • just found this out myself (about the 200k kills) that is completely fucked! im still going to do it but i dont have all of the pp trials unlocked in my menu screen. anyone know how to make them all appear or when they should appear? this one is going to kill me!
  • How I'm doing this to make it less of a grind. Completed all of Story Mode, collected all blueprints, and maxed my character. Started a new game on Chapter 8 for infinite time. It takes about 15mins to fully restock the weapons locker so I just Rollerhog zombies in Ingleton. Every 15mins I'll go to my Safe Zone, and create the combo for the PP Trials. Rinse and repeat. I also mute the game, and have the radio, or a podcast going too.
  • For anyone picking up the game at this point, know that your PP, character attributes, and PP trials progress all carries over to the DLC chapters, so you can use those to work on them as well. If I had known I'd have done the DLC first and probably saved myself a few hours of grinding.

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