Nightmare Master Achievement

  • Nightmare Master



    Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.

    While on Nightmare mode you need to complete the last chapter prior to the credits. Unlike the standard story mode, you will be timed, so you must focus more on completing story missions and getting the items most important for finishing the game.

    You can either do Nightmare Mode first, or wait until you complete Story Mode and turn Nightmare Mode into basically a New Game +.

    Note: You can also get this by joining a friends game if they are in Nightmare Mode chapter seven and completing it with them without doing the first 6 Chapters yourself.

  • This is interesting... does this mean I have to complete all the previous missions on Nightmare up to chapter 7 or can I pick chapter 7 only?
  • What about joining a co-op game at the very end of level six and completing level seven in co-op to make it easier and faster. Probably won't work but here's hoping
  • well said Oscar Yeah.
  • I've heard thats the standart Dead Rising mode with a timer from DR 1&2. All i hope it's not like the endurance mode from DR1 :|
  • This one is pretty easy, not all that hard to do on nightmare, timing is a little more stretched than standard, but all the same, easy if you want to speed through the story!
  • You can do this in about 5-6 hr straight throu with a lvl 50 character
  • ASAP: only 2 days left for challenge. I have a no progress(0%) showing and im on day 2, is this expected? is it becuz it says complete not playthrough? also no randoms are joining my game to make it easier for me lol.... how do i broadcast do they can see it? or is it just auto?
  • very easy done in 2 hour im lvl 50 and I had 3 days to spare
  • anybody near the end of chapter 6 wanna invite me and let me run through it with you ?? if so add me TOGA TOM thanks
  • add me if you wanna do co-op add me Karl2Based
  • Add me KimchiiMonsturr!!!
  • It's worth noting that you don't have to do this in a single run like the Survival modes in the previous games. You can save, it's just that you can only save using the toilets. Very quick and easy to do if you just focus on doing the yellow case missions and ignore everything else. I'd actually rank it easier than normal Dead Rising 1 & 2. Pick up some good combo weapons. I like to keep a few Jazz Hands for clearing zombies, a few Boom Canons for slow bosses, a few ZARs and a bit of food.
  • I did this in 2-3 hours at lvl 50 with all the possible upgrades. It is very easy, use lots of vehicles to get to places faster and also have your entire inventory full of the "Spread Shot" gun, I think it's called that at least (The combo of lead pipe + assault rifle) and it's a brease.
  • I'm on chapter 3 (almost done with it) on nightmare mode if anyone wants to join send me a message or if anyone has a game at chapter 6 and would like to invite me please do my gamertag is PuRe Emerald thanks :)
  • I will be on this for a while and all day tomorrow if anyone wants to join and help. Thanks my. Gamer tag is lewiswatsoon
  • Anyone who needs a partner, i need 1 too. My gt is G2 Machine. Add me & msg me.
  • Looking for a co-op partner add me: LiamPoll
  • Pretty easy to complete after you've made a run through normal mode, got most of the blueprints and leveled a bit.
  • Also a super easy 75 achievement point if you do this as a speed run
  • I just did this with a buddy with getting less than 10k kills in just a little over 2 hours and 30 minutes without the overtime. But regret not playing all the way through for the Megan man gun
  • This seems simple enough.
  • Does anyone want to go on a speed run in co-op next tomorrow afternoon or sunday (15 feb.) evening?
  • is anyone interested in doing a speed run for this message me on xbox live gamertag:xredace
  • Anyone on or close to chapter 7 and wanna let me join? Hmu: Alwaysfresh15
  • If anyone is on chapter 7 in nightmare mode, please let me know as I'd love to get this achievement, but I really don't want to play the campaign over again!
  • ^^ My GT is: Neditch
  • Can someone please do this with me GT: crazydigram294 and other achievements i would appreciate it very much thank you
  • Looking to do this achievement. Anyone near chapter 7? Willing to help with other achievements as well. GT: TheCloudyWolf99
  • Anyone on or close to chapter 7 and wanna let me join? GT: TheHitman524
  • Looking for people to do this with GT: TypicalWelsh
  • This is a cakewalk as long as you're fully leveled/upgraded. I've been using Split Shots to get through crowds and Rollerhawgs to get around and I got through over half the story in around 2 hours.
  • Hey Guys I'm on chapter 5 on nightmare mode, just saw this post that people are looking for someone close to finishing the game. Im two chapters away from completing the game on nightmare mode .... who ever adds me first will be my double on the game... GT: XxB1LzYxX
  • I need someone to host chapter 7. Message me GT LanceX2
  • If anyone still needs help I'm completely leveled up so if you need help message me my gt is jacsmooth2
  • Dont need the achievement anymore please don't message me
  • How the FUCK are you supposed to get this when the game is unplayable?! It's impossible to get past chapter 6 due to a game breaking glitch that prevents you from continuing! How are more people not talking about this and how the fuck hasn't it been fixed yet?! Fuck you Capcom!
  • Currently need the achievement! If your on the last level and feel like helping someone out , Please! It would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! GT: Zyphoriac
  • If someone can help me with this pla add me: QST666
  • I'm looking to join someone's game who is further ahead. I'm at max level and can help beat the game. Send a message. GT:SimmShady22
  • Anyone still need to do this
  • I am working on it now
  • Just done with ch 3
  • For those looking to do this achv. I have a save file in chapter 7. Msg me on live GT: IXCrucifixionXI and if I'm online and not busy ill invite you. DO NOT send me random party invites please as these will be ignored. We will be killing Gary to do this achievement quicker. If you want the mega man blaster I can drop one for you.
  • If anyone has a save or needs help with this message me. GT: DevDestruction3
  • still need to get this done, if there is anyone out there that can help add me with a message DR3 cheevo... GT; reaper8485
  • Im searching people for getting the Be a dick achievement. Im already doing this one (near chapter 6) if anyone is interested in helping me hosting a game, i can help with this one in exchange. My gt is STARS Nightmare. Add me or send me a msg and i'll answe asap. cheers.
  • tried this with a friend all evening and we got to the last mission and the item we needed glitched out and was unobtainable!!!! so then i restarted checkpoint not realizing that we never saved sense chapter 3!! OMG im so grossed out right now i just had to have a little rant, trying again tomorrow i guess. to anyone doing this dont forget to save like i did.
  • anyone want to load chapter 7 in nightmare so i can join in and beat it quick
  • ^ What he said. GT: Apathy V3
  • If you ned asssst I have checikpoint. Let me know what cheeevs youre willing to tradee, 130k GS didnt come for free.
  • Who's up right now to do this? Help would be appreciated!! :D
  • Need help if anyone is willing to load chapter 7!
  • GT: Xx TR 24 xX Looking to finish this achievement if anyone has chapter 7 loaded!

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