Survival Training Master Achievement

  • Survival Training Master



    Win 25 Survival Training Gold medals.

    Looking at your in-game map, you will notice hollowed out star icons. These star icons signify training challenges that you can complete for massive PP bonuses, making these important for both leveling progress and for the achievements. All of the challenges task you with killing a certain number of enemies with a certain type of weapon or vehicle, such as fire or electric weapons, combo weapons only, or unarmed only within one minute. Many of the challenges can be completed using the Rollerhawg to quickly roll around the nearby area killing enemies, and the more difficult unarmed ones can be completed using the unarmed bonus damage book and the knee drop combo.

    Some Quick Notes:
    Fire weapons can include the Rollerhawg, Flame Mecha Dragon, Flame Arrows, etc. and does not include explosives. Electric weapons can include the Elecrtic staff, Rolling Thunder, and shockdozer.

    Also note that you can go anywhere during the challenge, and you're not confined to a particular area, however you will want to plan out where you go prior to starting the challenge to maximize your kill efficiency.

    You can check out THIS playlist for a few videos that give you the general run through of the different types of Survival Training missions.

  • Hi guys. Just started making guides on this!
  • Several of the challenges requite electric or fire kills; but you can use a vehicle to complete these challenges. Then their are others for vehicle and just kill a certain amount of zombies and I used a vehicle too. The o ly ones I gave not done yet are barehanded and firearm kills.
  • go for the barehanded and firearms challenges at night and with fully leveled up character and they are very easy
  • spitt fire assault rifle combo worked best for me on the firearms challenges
  • If anyone wants to do this with me: Zero_or_Die453
  • A helpful tip for the unarmed survivals is to use the Stunt Devil book on your player that raises the damage of your unarmed attacks. For the firearms survivals, go to a safe zone beforehand and stock up on as many LMGs as you can carry. Again, if you use the Fortune Fighter book on your player, the guns will do more damage and kill quicker.
  • These are remarkably easy, especially once you've maxed out Nick. Normally these sorts of achievements bother people, but it's really not necessary this time, they're really quite easy.
  • I need a guide on how to get to the stars! It's ridicules that these are a puzzle to get to, required to do on the same game AND the game is timed. The 2nd one I am trying to get to is impossible to reach. It's in Ingletom on a roof across from the Motel safe house. I can see a plank running from a window to it but there is no way to access the 2nd floor (or the plank) in that building. There is a locked door in that building. I don't if that leads upstairs or not. Were the designers actually stupid enough to only allow access to the tacked on survival challenges after doing something else in the game? Games like this get me so mad. It could have been so good if they would have changed a few things. PS: I have beat the game on normal and nightmare with the best ending and got
  • I have just unlocked the achievement for 25 gold medals. But the achievements for 25 Bronze and Silver are still locked.... Any idea why this would happen?
  • #8 there's a mission you get when u use the ipad companion app that will open that locked door.
  • hey guys if your game is glitched like my game did join into a friends game and complete a challenge that your friend has not try that #9 it unlocked for me afterward hope this helps
  • #8 there is a store called Luxury by the downed helicopter. If you go in and go to the back you can go upstairs and work your way over to that building without waiting smart glass mission. Just found it last night.
  • This can be done over muliple play throughs, just figure out which ones are easy for you and reload a chapter mid game
  • okay. their all gold. why isnt this popping up?
  • All mine are gold too and no achievement for bronze, silver, or gold. I have chapter selected and replayed almost all of them. Any ideas?
  • I also have all gold stars on the map but under the achievment the completion line isn't all the way to the end. Pretty annoying. Also didn't get bronze or silver achievements
  • I just started Nightmare mode and when breaking through the mortuary with garry all 3 unlocked lol serious delay so i suggest if you got all golds and no achievments just play throuht nightmare
  • This one glitched on me too. It says im missing one, but i count 25 gold metals on my map :/
  • I can help with this gt Afropixel
  • I was doing all these in nightmare mode and with 5 more left to do this achievement and the Silver one popped. But my bronze one did not pop. I did the last 5 and have gold on all of them and my bronze still did not pop. But nightmare mode does do something to trigger these achievements.

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