Eyes in the Sky Achievement

  • Eyes in the Sky



    Hack all ZDC Cameras

    There are a total of 29 cameras to hack, and are identical to the cameras in the main campaign, however this time around you will need to walk up to the base of the camera tower and tap to hack the camera. You will come across all of them on your map (yellow circle) as you move through the game, just be aware that they only appear on the map when you are relatively close to them.

    Make sure you finish this before going to the Mayor's mansion to avoid another playthrough.


  • For some reason this achievement won't pop for me. I have hacked all cameras but the last one i hacked (the one on the broken bridge) will not work even after i pressed B beside it. Anybody else having this problem?
  • Never mind i restarted the story and tried again. Make sure you are standing still when you press B as apposed to pressing it as you run to them as it won't work.
  • I have same problem second playthrough cameras dont show on the map ill tey again later
  • Check out this video guide for all ZDC camera locations, theres map views and time links in the description to skip to each camera. Worth checking if you're missing some:
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEYrMuTchRk
  • #1 I have same problem at the broken bridge. Should I just play through a second time? Thanks..

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