Live to Fight Again Achievement

  • Live to Fight Again



    Recover all Squad Members

    Squad Members are basically the special forces version of the survivors that Nick finds in the main story, with both of the two survivors in this DLC being members of Kane's team that survived the helicopter crash and subsequent zombie attack. Your first ally (sunshine) can be found on the prison bus in Ingleton (in front of Rhonda's garage). Ally number two (The Dutch) is in a meat shop in the southern part of central city.

    Make sure you finish this before going to the Mayor's mansion to avoid another playthrough.

  • The achievement popped even though I had one or two more squad members check out.
  • Check out the locations of the surviving squad members in this video guide, as explained, only the survivors count towards this one:
  • Youll get a call about 1 and the other is hiding out in the butcher shop, by the police station.
  • This unlocked for me after rescuing The Dutch and Sunshine
  • I rescued both the Dutch and Sunshine and didn't get the cheev. What a bunch of crap.
  • The Dutch is not in the Butch shop for me. I went there as soon as they said I had to rescue him, but the place is empty.
  • #6 I'm having the same problem only thing is for me the mark is showing 122m below the ground :(
  • I am also having the same problem. I would rescue sunshine and he would say "Yes Sir" then go over to The Dutch and when I go up by him my character says something to him and Dutch would reply with "No Sir" any way to get this achievement or is it glitched now?

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