Stick it to the Man Achievement

  • Stick it to the Man



    Destroy all Emergency Phones

    In total there are twenty emergency phones to destroy, five in each zone. They are marked on your map by a solid yellow dot, but will only appear when you are within range. These can either be hit by a melee weapon or rammed with car. You can start destroying these as soon as you have escaped from jail.

  • This is not unlocking for me anyone else having the same problem?
  • Same here! i have 20/20 destroyed and no achievement!!! If this means i can't 100% the game i'm just gonna quit...
  • I had the same thing happen at first, but when I went to look at another game's achievements (Strider in this case), all the "glitched" achievements I had popped, including this one. I don't know if I was just lucky, or if this is a possible fix
  • I can't get this one to pop either
  • has anyone managed to get this?
  • I called MS they said we will have to wait for Capcom to release a patch
  • My achievement unlocked this morning I reset my game and ran through the phones on nightmare mode and it unlocked I guess u have to get them in one playthrough also if I have 20/20 phones destroyed and u saved it u must reset ur game to get the achievement
  • i don't know how many i have but i can't find any anymore on the map. does anyone know if the patched it or how to check how many you have?

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